Working remotely from India for a USA Company

Working remotely from India for a USA Company

Working remotely from India for a USA Company

The covid-19 pandemic has bought unprecedented changes in the lives of individuals as well as organizations. No organization has been left out from the effect of covid-19. The pandemic has changed the way of living and working totally. And a study revealed that 82% of the respondents admitted that they prefer Working remotely rather than going back to the office.

The 2020 pandemic give rise to remote working culture and there are companies like, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook/Meta, etc. that are embracing permanent work from home culture. And companies like Google, Ford, Microsoft, Siemens, Amazon, TCS, Philips, Wipro, etc. are adopting a hybrid model.

It means that employees, as well as employers, are willing to adjust & continue work from home as a new normal.

Thus, the new normal is encouraging remote working culture, and opening new opportunities for employees to get jobs in foreign companies, where they do not need to go there physically, by sitting at home, they can work for any company.

Likewise, it has given opportunities to employers also, to hire the best talent from a wide range of applicants, and any location. Remote working has given the freedom to employees to work from anywhere, and this also increases their productivity.

For working remotely, one has to take care of several factors, which vary from country to country and organization, because every country, as well as organization, have different norms and requirements, which should be taken care of by the employees before applying.

Things to be considered by Indian candidate for applying in a USA company

  1. Read the JD twice- Job description (JD), a detailed written statement, that tells you about the vacant position, your roles, responsibilities, qualification & skills required, location, date & time of processes, etc. about the company. When you get a chance to work remotely for a foreign organization, carefully read and understand the company’s job description before applying to it. Always read the JD twice, try to match the requirements with yourself and then apply for the job. Being an Indian, if you are applying for a job in the USA, consider the roles & duties, time framework, kind of candidate they require, salary and the most important thing, company description.
  2. Know your employer- Before applying to an organization, search about the organization, key persons, culture, policies, the working environment of the organization. For applying in a USA based company, know about their culture, a language mostly speaking, diversity & inclusion policy, code of conduct, the flexibility of work, check reviews of their ex-employees, present employees. After this check the services they provide, their demand in the market, and relate them with your skills and requirements.

Carefully make your CV

  1. A good, informative and attractive CV or resume can increase the chances of your getting hired. In India, CVs tend to be longer, approx. 2-3 pages including all your information. But in the USA, companies prefer single-page resumes. So, talks about your qualification, experience, skills, not much personal information is required.
  2. Mind the time zone differences- India is 9.5 hours ahead of Washington DC, USA. It means, if the time in India is 7:11 PM, there will be 9:41 AM in Washington DC, USA. In several other parts of the USA, time will vary to this. So, to align with the company, if a company has fixed time slots, you have to work in different time zones. Here, regular calls and meetings with colleagues and boss may not possible. So. the employer has to arrange weekly meetings or allot a specific slot.
  3. Be formally dressed for the interview- When you are sitting for an interview for a USA based company, always keep in mind they prefer formal and structured interviews. Be formally and smartly dressed, check your network connections, and answer all the questions informal manner.
  4. Always ask questions at last- At the end of the interview, when the interviewer asks your queries, always ask relevant questions and clear your doubts. You can ask questions about more of the working of the organization, current projects they are doing. So, your growth prospects in remote working, tools used for interactions.

Install required tools for working remotely

While working remotely for a company located in the USA, you will require several tools. It may for interaction with clients and colleagues, sharing project details, payment tools, etc. You can use tools such as Skype, Team Viewer for communication. Use Western Union and PayPal for payments. And, it asks your clients to transfer money through these.

  1. Know their work style and culture- USA companies follow strict professional work relationships. Casual conversations may only take place during break times or after office hours. Only formal interactions occur during working hours. Check about the culture, flow of information, code of conduct and norms of the company for you are applying very carefully. Because, it varies from company to company.
  2. Set your desk space- Formal environment means no background disturbances. Set your desk with necessary items before start working. So, that you need not get up multiple times in search of things. Your desk area should be neat & clean, calm, that will give you positive energy to work.
  3. Prepare yourself to work in different time zones- Prepare yourself mentally for the remote working in different time zones. If an organization has fixed or specific work timings, you have to work even at night. Always relax, manage your time, have proper sleep before sitting for work. You have to manage your personal as well professional life in two different countries at two different time zones.

Times are changing, let’s change the way of working too. working too.

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