Which Is The Best Language For Android App Development In 2022?

Which Is The Best Language For Android App Development In 2022?

What is the best language for Android app development? A common question comes to the developers’ minds when they start a new android app project. We all know that the future and success of a mobile app depend upon the tech stack chosen for it.

No matter, a developer has to build a business, game or retail app, the selection of a programming language remains constant. Many programming languages are used for making websites, mobile and web apps, and software. But the thing is which programming language is the best suite to meet your software project’s needs.

In this technological age, human life is influenced by smart devices like mobile phones, iPods, wearables, and foldable devices. Each of these runs with a computer program, so learning these is mandatory for all. Programming language refers to a logical structure that generates recurring and systematic tasks.

In the app market, there are more than 5 billion mobile apps actively serving users and businesses. Two main brands are leading the app market, Android and iOS. Both of these companies are the big names, providing high-quality, innovative and trending software solutions. Many users prefer using android apps because of their intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use applications, and availability in the market. While on the other, iOS mobile applications are known for their security and immersive user experience. But the android apps take over the competition due to a large user base.

Here we have rounded up some of the best programming languages that Android app developers use. These programming languages are easy to learn and help mobile app developers make unique applications.

The Best Language For Android App Development

Before starting with mobile app development, app developers plan how the app project will be completed. Firstly, they need to know the cause, which is rising the need for a mobile app. Secondly, it is essential to know for which operating system a mobile app should design. As there are Android and iPhone users. So app developers have to consider this fact as the first priority. Once the need and operating system are targeted, the next step is to gather all the requirements needed for making an app.

It includes the mobile app development platform, programming languages, technical expertise, and experience. If a company is going to make an app for itself, then it should hire an app development company to get a better app solution. On the contrary, if they make an in-house team, it will be a bit costly or may take a lot of time to get to their purpose.

Among the various app development requirements, a programming language matters the most. It may the main thing need and on which the whole app project depends. App developers have two choices, Android and iOS, and it depends upon what the client or user wants. Here we have curated a list representing the best language for android app development. Let’s dive into them and learn why they are the best!


Among the various android programming languages, Python stands first. Though it is not a new programming language, its advanced support for AI-based app features makes it the best language to learn and enhance coding skills. However, the language follows a simple and easy-to-learn coding syntax and has simple libraries. Moreover, Python supports third-party written code, which makes it an open-source language. Thus, it is a popular programming language that app developers have to learn.


When it comes to creating an android mobile app, the Java programming language is the one supported by a large developer community. The language has everything that an ideal mobile app needs to deliver a better interface and user experience.

Its exclusive code libraries, built-in functions, and ready-made coding modules are what app developers look for in a good programming language. A good thing about this programming language is that it is a true supporter of beginners who are new in their app development carrier. Thus novice and amateurs can easily learn to code mobile apps in Java programming language.


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages used for making mobile apps and websites. About 97% of websites use JavaScript for the client-side web page. What does JavaScript programming language have to offer? It has a well-organized codebase supporting productivity and readability.

Moreover, it is a programming language that offers a lot of conveniences, meets development needs, and provides full control over the whole app development process. This is the thing that famous businesses like PayPal, Uber, Google, etc., use JavaScript for their upcoming mobile or web projects.


When we are discussing android app development, how can we forget to discuss Kotlin? Kotlin may the best language for android app development use for designing and developing android apps. It is a fast-growing programming language with concise and structured syntax, whereas it ensures highly secure mobile apps, as it has ample security functions to offer in app projects. Thus, if you are new to the Android app development career, you have to learn this programming language as it has a brighter scope for the years to come.

R programming

If you are a data miner or data analyst, then you are familiar with the R programming language. It is a statistical and graphical programming language that data miners use for making mobile and web apps. However, the language profoundly impacts data analysis, financial domains, and telecom sectors.

R programming language offers extended graphical libraries, object-oriented programming languages, and unlimited cross-platform app development support. While on the other hand, its highly extensible functions add value to the R programming language. Top companies like Flipkart, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Google are supporters, using the R programming language to meet their app project needs.


Mobile app development has become a trend in the market. Many small, mid-size and large-scale businesses use mobile apps to continue their operations. They use Android and iOS apps for their business, depending upon the need and majority of customers. But how would they successfully run their business through mobile apps?

The answer is the best tech stack they choose. The tech stack they choose highly impacts their app’s success, so entrepreneurs need to choose the best. The above-mentioned is the list of programming languages representing the best language for android app development.