Watch Out for Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in Your Home

Watch Out for Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in Your Home

If the wiring in your home is faulty or out of date, your home requires rewiring. Electrical faulty wiring can be dangerous as it can cause fire and grave accidents in your home. Thus, if you notice issues with the wiring, it is better to call in a Level 2 Electrician to inspect and test it and get the rewiring done.

When damage to the wires occurs; or incorrect voltage runs through them, faulty wiring may be the problem. There could be different reasons behind it, including:

  • Wires may have worn out with age.
  • Rodents can damage the wire.
  • Electricians may have cut corners on safety.

Keep an eye for signs of bad electrical wiring regardless of the reason. Watch out for signs of bad electrical wiring in your home that you need to pay attention to:

Hot Electrical Outlets

Defective or faulty wiring can pass excess electricity to the outlets, so keep an eye for hot, charred, or darkened electrical outlets. It could signal an energy leak heating the outlet and the wires. This electrical surge could fry appliances, or if grave, it could also wreak a fire.

Smoky or Burning Smell

If you notice melting plastic near an outlet or experience the burning smell, the electrical wiring may already have wreaked fire damage. Unplug everything from the outlet and call a certified electrician to check the electrical wiring without delay.

Lights Flicker

Watch out for lights that may dim, buzz or flicker. If the lights dimmer upon plugging in an appliance, it could indicate the electrical current is not flowing correctly. Listen for any light switches that might buzz when you switch them on, another big concern.

Circuit Breakers Often Trip

It is not strange that the breakers trip. And it is there to serve the purpose, to break the electricity flow when the circuit is overloaded. Nonetheless, if breakers trip often, the first thing to do is reduce the number of devices plugged into the electrical circuit. The next thing to do is to change the circuit breaker. If those steps do not solve the problem, you need to inspect the wiring to avert a fire hazard. Besides, the circuit may get overloaded with too many high-energy devices.

Chewed or Frayed Wiring

If you see chewed or frayed wiring, the problem may go beyond rodents in the house. When you see the protective plastic cover broken, it will expose the wires inside, and the electrical circuit is open. It lets electricity to arc, causing hazardous electrical shocks and fire.

The Connection between Faulty Electrical Wiring & Fire

Faulty wiring can cause electrical surges in places not equipped to handle the heat, creating a fire hazard.

Why Defective or Faulty Wiring Increase Electric Bills?

When electricity does not flow correctly, in all likelihood, wires release more electricity than required to keep the appliances running. This leak increases your electricity intake, making you spend more money on your electricity usage every month.

Level 2 Electrician in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

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