Video Marketing Trends Your Business Should Know

Video Marketing Trends Your Business Should Know

Take your trade to the next level through Video Marketing. It’s new, fresh, and easier than you think. Here’s what your business needs to be doing.

The way video marketing has taken off is proof that seeing is believing. Businesses are attracting customers through videos. They showcase their services, products, and facilities to lure them in. ?Video marketing has become the most powerful tool for marketers who release new promotional videos often! 

When looking for Spectrum tv prices, you can read about them or choose to watch a video review. It is no accident that YouTube is the largest search engine after Google itself.

There can be blogs and infographics, but videos offer a much richer experience than both. It’s nicer to have a human voice talking to you. Companies are talking to their customers through this medium all the time. So, these tips, tools, and techniques can help you succeed with video marketing.

Live Videos

Live video has become very popular with consumers during pandemic times. As physical events couldn’t happen, brands opted for live videos. It was the need of the hours, and the consumers responded positively.

Everyone is benefiting from this effective social media tool. For example, influencers are promoting their products. Singers are doing virtual concerts. Broadway companies live to stream their full productions, etc. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

While shooting a live video, remember there’s nothing extempore about it. Consider it as an extended stage show. Everything should be well prepared; looks, dress, make-up, and even expressions and lines should be well-rehearsed. Only start your live video when you’ve ticked all the boxes and feel confident. Check your environment because your background is as important as yourself and your product. ?

Video mailing is another trend that marketers are exploring. You can send a short video as an email.

Smartphone Productions

You can make use of your smartphones to create trendy videos. Apple recently did it with their ‘shot on iPhone campaign”. It provided a platform for amateur videographers. The campaign was so successful that it collected millions of videos produced on iPhones.

If you have a well-thought-out idea and the eagerness to do it, you don’t need expensive equipment or a studio to record your video. You can do it all by yourself, make a video on your smartphone and edit it. There are so many apps available that allow you to edit your video scene by scene.

Influencers have overshadowed even the best video marketers in creating smartphone video content. Their ideas are creative and fresh and catch their audience’s attention like the forest fire. Consumers bought those products based on the video message. So, you should start making well-edited TikTok videos, Vlogs, sponsored ads. You shouldn’t worry and start somewhere because amateurs are doing it these days.

Brands are also noticing this change in trends. And many are reaching out to influencers and social media personalities to make a video for them.

Search Engine Optimized Videos

SEO has become a household term, and videos can also be optimized for search engines. These days video content has a better chance to make it to top-ranked search links than traditional SEO content. Google is now even putting video snippets to many relevant search results. People usually click on videos more than they do text content.

You can optimize your videos for search engines by focusing on three areas: 

  1. Relevance  
  2. Consistency 
  3. Backend optimization.

You should have a clear goal in mind before making a video for your target market. Make it relevant to your consumers by relating to them. And answer their questions. Provide them with information about your product. To make your video interesting to watch.

It can be important to be consistent in your strategy. Like traditional content, it’s consistency that will boost your ranking in search engines. Make and post videos consistently. Publish them on your website to generate traffic there.

Optimize your videos with appropriate title tags keywords in the description, use interesting thumbnail images, and answer customer inquiries to boost engagement.


Vlogs aren’t a new concept, and they started as infotainment videos. Now, they are popular entertainment media. And you can make use of this as a marketing tool. It’s powerful, trendy, and relevant to the current marketing trends. It’s for your loyal customers who are genuinely interested in your product.

Create informative vlogs and post them on your websites and social media. A vlog can give your product personality to tell your customers your story. As a result, they can relate to you, and you engage with them through your brand’s story.

You can make these videos slightly longer than your ad videos. But making it too long can bore your audience. Instead, aim at keeping your video 40 seconds to a minute long. Videos should be focused and interesting. Make your environment brighter and your mood happy to reflect positively on your audience. A dreary video probably won’t attract anyone, and you’d be wasting time and resources. Try not to be shy and repetitive and add value to the viewer’s experience. Rehearse once or twice in front of a mirror before coming in front of the camera.

A brand’s relationship with its customers may be strengthened through video

We already know that consumers enjoy viewing videos and that video content influences sales, but there’s more.

Well-tailored content may increase audience engagement and communication, as well as give your brand a sense of dependability, honesty and trust – all of which are crucial attributes for customers trying to connect with a trade.

Marketers should think about using external client reviews as a tool.

Be the first to enter the market before your competitors

Currently, 92 percent of digital marketers consider video content a critical component of their overall strategy. This is up from 78 percent in 2015, and it’s only going to become higher as more professionals realise the plethora of advantages videos can offer to a campaign.

Nothing is more frustrating than generating a fantastic video that adheres to best practices and processes only to suffocate because of a large number of videos currently available.

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