Types Of Driving Lessons in The United Kingdom

Types Of Driving Lessons in The United Kingdom

Driving schools in the United Kingdom offer various types of driving lessons for beginners, advanced drivers, bus/lorry/truck drivers, motorcycles, and others. Some of these training courses are intended for residents seeking a driving license for domestic purposes, while there are others who need it for commercial or personal reasons. Many employers also require specific certifications before drivers can provide their services. From Automatic Driving Lessons Warwick to elsewhere in the United Kingdom, some of the more common training courses include:

  • Learner driving training
  • Intensive Courses
  • Pass Plus
  • Advanced driving courses
  • Motorway driving courses
  • Fleet driver training
  • ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) training
  • Advanced Motorcycle Training
  • Others

Learner driving training

Learner driving training is for beginners who are yet to receive their driving license. These training sessions are delivered by ADIs or approved driving instructors in a driving school or independently. The learner must have his or her provisional license to take the lessons. The ADI trains the learner for the driving test, including a theory and a practical test. The theory test includes an MCQ section and a hazard perception test, while the practical test includes various practical scenarios. Training sessions include content which focuses on all these aspects. The aim of the driving lessons is to train the learner as much as possible and increase his chances of passing the test.

Intensive driving courses

Intensive driving courses are the same as learner driving courses but are delivered in a much shorter period. Whether it is Intensive Driving Courses Warwick or elsewhere in the UK, only ADIs are authorized to provide this training. These training courses are for learners who do not have time to complete learning courses or learners who have previously failed their driving test and need to retake the test. The content of these training courses is more focussed on the more important and challenging aspects of the driving test. Learners are given mock driving tests to provide them with hands-on training. One session may last for several hours in a day as the aim is to finish the training in just a few days or weeks.

Pass Plus driving courses.

Automatic Driving Lessons Warwick

As the name suggests, these courses are for those who have already passed their driving test but want to improve their skills. These training courses are taken by people who want to increase their confidence. It is also sometimes a job requirement for companies seeking drivers. The content of the training course focuses on providing advance training under various scenarios. They have several modules which focus on driving in towns, motorway driving, dual carriageway driving, night driving, and more. These are typically short-duration courses lasting for a few hours. Once the course has been completed, the DVSA provides a certificate to the participants.

Advanced Driving Courses

Several organizations in the United Kingdom, such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists(IAM), Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), and Defensive School of Advanced Motoring(DSA), offer various advanced driving courses in different categories. The IAM RoadSmart course aims to improve hazard perception, road safety, and driving skills. Once the driver completes the course, he is provided with a certificate. RoSPA and DAS also offer advanced training at various levels and offer training to individuals as well as professionals. Advanced courses include off-road driving, eco-driving, emergency response driving, fleet driving, and other types of training.

Approved Driving Instructor training

The DVSA requires that driving lessons can only be delivered by Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). There are some prerequisites which must be met before a person begins his ADI training. For example, the applicant must have held a valid driving license for at least four years. He must pass the DBS check. The applicant must be at least 21 years old and meet the eyesight requirement. Anyone to become an ADI must pass three tests, including a theory test, a driving ability test, and a teaching ability test. The last one is the most important and also the most challenging. It analyses the applicant’s instructional skills. The ADI training usually takes anywhere from a few months to a year, and the applicant needs to pass all three tests. Once he passes all three tests, he can register as an ADI with the DVSA. Driving instructors must comply with the requirements of DVSA and their code of practice to continue providing training to people.