Top Revealing Signs You Hired a Bad Divorce Lawyer in Oakville

Top Revealing Signs You Hired a Bad Divorce Lawyer in Oakville

Hiring a divorce lawyer matters to people who want to make the divorce process run smoothly in an uncontested divorce. Besides, you have to hire a divorce lawyer in a contested divorce. Still, uncontested divorces settle family matters related to a divorce amenably. Nonetheless, hiring a divorce lawyer in Oakville doesn’t mean you are always going to benefit from the lawyer. In rare cases, people can hire a bad divorce lawyer and spoil their cases in the long run. Thus, it is important for someone filing for or getting a divorce in Oakville, to hire the right attorney. There are also tell-tale signs that can tell you if you have hired a bad divorce attorney for your case.

Signs That Will Help You Identify If You Have Hired a Bad Divorce Attorney

You should feel that a divorce attorney is on your side and involved in your case to help you protect your rights. A divorce is also a hard time in life that one has to suffer from; thus, hiring the right divorce attorney should matter to you. Nevertheless, you can hire a bad divorce attorney if you don’t consider several things while hiring a divorce lawyer. Look out for the following signs to find out if you have hired a bad divorce attorney in Oakville:

Bad Communication:

Communication is essential in a divorce, and a good divorce attorney will regularly communicate with you. Regular communication aids divorce attorneys in finding out what’s going on with their clients seeking a divorce in Oakville. In addition, a good divorce attorney is willing to answer clients’ questions. On the other hand, a bad divorce attorney won’t work side by side with a client. A bad divorce attorney will show irresponsiveness toward answering clients’ calls and messages. In other words, a bad divorce attorney lacks good communication skills and is irresponsible, too.

Dishonest about the Billing:

Divorce attorneys earn a living while billing their clients for their services. Additionally, honest divorce attorneys don’t keep their clients in the dark about the billing. A good divorce lawyer in Oakville will honestly tell clients about his/her service charges beforehand, whether hourly or flat rates. Conversely, a bad divorce attorney won’t clarify to the clients about the billing and will charge hidden fees to them. Hence, you should discuss the billing in detail with a divorce attorney while hiring one.

Lack of Confidence:

Another tell-tale sign for a person to identify if he or she has hired a bad divorce lawyer is the lack of confidence in a divorce attorney. You would want to hire a divorce lawyer who you can trust. A divorce attorney who promises you a specific result is a huge red flag that a divorce attorney is unreliable. A good attorney may tell you about the possible outcome of your case, yet an attorney won’t overlook the law. Unlike a good divorce attorney, a bad divorce attorney won’t fight for clients confidently. Plus, it all comes to the knowledge and experience of a divorce attorney to confidently help clients in a divorce. 

Unprofessional Behavior:

A bad divorce attorney will have unprofessional behaviour that can negatively impact your case. Unprofessional or unethical behaviour of divorce attorneys may include the following: 

  1. Arriving late or failing to show up at important meetings
  2. Making important decisions about your case without consulting with you first
  3. Showing laziness in helping you file paperwork
  4. Refusing to answer your calls or messages on time

Disrespectful and Uncompassionate:

Good divorce attorneys in Oakville respect their clients. Furthermore, they show empathy and compassion towards their clients to make them feel comfortable in a divorce. Besides, going through a divorce is a stressful and emotional experience. Nonetheless, a good divorce lawyer aid clients overcoming such time, too, through compassion and professionalism. If you don’t find a divorce lawyer respectful and compassionate towards clients, the attorney is bad.


Hiring a divorce lawyer in Oakville is crucial for the divorcing parties to let the divorce process run smoothly and eventually get a divorce. However, you can hire a bad divorce attorney in Oakville to ruin your case if you don’t carefully hire a divorce lawyer. The following five tell-tale signs can help you identify a bad divorce attorney:

  1. Bad Communication
  2. Dishonesty Regarding the Billing
  3. Lack of Confidence
  4. Unprofessional Behaviour
  5. Disrespect and Uncompassionate Behaviour