Top 10 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2021

Top 10 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2021

Top 10 Best Instagram Story Viewers in 2021

IG Stories

IG Stories is the story viewer you’ve been looking for Instagram Stories. You can there browse any Insta account without even creating your account. Then you may see the content anonymously, and will also be able to save it to your devices. It’s designed with eye-catching pictures to help you understand it. You must paste the name you desire to access into a clearly visible textbox. To browse the stories, you would like to see, you don’t need an Instagram account or to register. You can also save photos and movies without compromising their quality which is in their Stories.


Instalkr provides a unique internet experience. You can use the tool to gain quick access to a public Insta account for watching stories IG even if you don’t have an account. Instalkr allows you to browse an Insta account anonymously and look at their posts, followers, likes, and comments without being identified.


When you submit a user to the service, you will be granted access to that account right away. You can then read their stories anonymously, and will be able to search for any account you want, and can save files with lil clicks. You may also look at the likes, comments, and followers of a single account using the app.


Ingramer stands out as an entirely different beast when contrasted to the other tools on our list. It’s an online marketing tool which allows businesses to reach to Insta’s large user base to enhance their businesses.

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is a powerful stories IG reader and mass downloader for everything that has been uploaded on the social media platform. It makes downloading nearly anything posted on Instagram a lot easier. Narratives, images, and videos are all included. It also has the ability to do so from both public and private Insta accounts. You only need to create an account with Qoob Stories, and you’ll be able to view their stories anonymously right away. You may now rapidly download high-quality pictures and videos from Instagram profiles that include information.


People may watch and download posts about their friends and favorite celebrities on InstaDP before they vanish. It uses method of copying and then pasting the login details, after that you will be able to browse and save content from any account. This online service isn’t just for stories. Photographs, films, and reels can also be downloaded at their original resolution.

Instagram Stories

Stories IG is the newest trend of great story viewers that prioritize simplicity above a cluttered interface. You’ll be prompted with a text field where you must paste the name of any account you want to access on stories IG.

You enter your login information; the internet program processes it and gives you access to all public data on that account while remaining anonymous.


Upleaf, an internet social media marketing platform. Thus, it includes Upleaf  as a small component. Upleaf focuses on offering an end-to-end Insta marketing service, whereas Upleaf encourages anonymous story reading. It examines the account’s material in an anonymous manner. Anonymous Instagram

We’re willing to guess that it doesn’t get any easier than Anonymous Instagram. The program was created with a single goal in mind: to obtain access to Instagram accounts in order to see stories anonymously. A text box appears on the screen, prompting you to enter your username. Simply type or paste an url into the field, and you’ll have immediate access to that account. After getting access, you can use this page to anonymously peruse news, photos, and videos. You don’t have much else to do, unfortunately. Anonymous Instagram does not allow you to download or share content, which may turn off some users.


Because of its simple features, Instastories is a lot more fun to use and have access to storiesIG . Any public Insta account may be accessed with just a username. There are no accounts or registration requirements. To acquire quick access to any public account, simply enter a verified username into our internet portal. You can watch highlights, stories, photos, and videos without them knowing. You can also get a high-resolution version of this content. Its interface, while visually beautiful, may be difficult to grasp.

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