Tips to Get 2D Animation Services Providers at a Budget Cost

Tips to Get 2D Animation Services Providers at a Budget Cost

Are you planning to use 2D Animation for your business? These days, there are good reasons to create motion graphics, explainer videos, or any other kind of 2D Animation. First and foremost, animated videos allow you to convey different messages to your target audience in a more fun and clear way. According to a study, it estimates that the global animation market will exceed $391 billion in 2022. Easy to understand and easy to see. High-quality 2D Animation doubles the appeal in games, cartoons, movies, and other entertainment projects, creating a cohesive visual experience. However, it depends on the purpose, the type of Animation, and the animation cost will differ. If you look at the cost of 2D Animation, you’ll find numbers like $300, $1,000, $10,000, $30,000, and more. For example, Toy He should be willing to pay for rigging, modeling, Animation, and rendering if he wants to create something similar to the story.

Now, when the question “How much does 2D animation cost?” pops into my head, we try to answer in detail as much as possible so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Plus, we help you find cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to your business needs. Don’t skip this post if you want to know the cost of 2D Animation for your project.

Top 7 Factors Affecting 2D Animation Services Providers Cost.

Typically, the final cost of 2D Animation and other services is still hidden or not fully disclosed on most websites, which is preventing the proper budgeting of projects. As a result, you’ll have to spend a lot of time contacting different animation studios to gather numbers and make a final decision. Most studios will want to contact you about their video production project requirements, goals and objectives, specifications, and other details that affect the cost of the final 2D Animation. Endless hours are spent answering phone calls and emails.

Spend less time digging into a myriad of details without contacting anyone in your 2D animation studio! Below are the most important pricing criteria you may be facing right now.

  1. How Long Will The Anime Last?

Whether it’s a 10-minute instructional video or a feature-length animated film, the illusion of motion is created by images (or frames) that change sequentially over time. Depending on your animation style, you can show up to 24 unique drawings in one second of Animation (usually, it has 24 frames per second). The 2D Animation takes about 30 minutes.

  1. Level of Complexity. How Complex Can 2d Animation Get?

In addition to motion graphics, 2D Animation includes many backgrounds, characters, sound effects, scripts, and other assets that determine how much money you have to pay for the final animated video. With the help of storyboards, you can see how complex your project is. This is a visual representation of the animation frame by frame.

  1. Word Count. How Many Characters Will The Animation Include?

Animating a 2D character is one thing and animating multiple characters is another. All of this adds up to creating and manipulating characters for future animations. The more complex the character is, the more professional the effort to complete the project will be.

  1. What Does It Look Like?

This question is about motion design and as well as for 2D environment/character design. So the task is to create a 2D environment for Animation, design 2D characters, create storyboards, and choose colors and other visual details. Concepts should not neglect the services of the artists to develop key ideas for 2D Animation and create related concepts.

  1. Additional Animation Effects. Do You Have Audio and Scripts?

Additional options such as music, narration, and scripts should also be considered before budgeting for the project. Undoubtedly, additional effects add value to 2D Animation. However, the option you choose always depends on the purpose of the 2D Animation you are creating.

  1. Video Production Team. Who Will Be On The Team To Produce The 2d Animation?

Different teams creating 2D animations have different final costs. A 2D animator is an integral part of the whole process, from rough sketches to a finished animated video, but to deliver something of value to the viewer, graphics designers, artists, screenwriters, and sound engineers.

  1. Professional Qualifications. Will An Entry-Level Experienced, Or Talented Animator/Designer Join The Project?

Last but not least, this is used to determine the level of expert skill to employ on the project. If you don’t want instant results and want to save a little money, consider hiring a junior 2D animator or designer. Conversely, if you are looking for a high level of proficiency in 2D Animation and want a high-quality product in a short time, apply for the Senior Specialist.

2D Animation Video: Where To Order And How Much Does It Cost?

In general, there are two ways to contact 2d animation services providers; how freelance gets from a 2D animator (a self-employed professional who doesn’t need to be long-term dedicated to a specific project) and a professional 2D animation studio (a team of experts who deliver a variety of projects). 

  • Freelancing Platforms

By hiring freelancers, businesses can cut costs. They pay the freelancer an agreed amount for the project or work completed in a specific period. What’s in the freelancer market for you? Many freelance 2D animators worldwide are ready to bring your ideas to life with varying hourly rates (starting at $15/hour). On average, hourly wages for 2D animators on various freelance platforms (UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.) are in the range of animators and other professionals.

When you hire a full-time employee, you have a limited pool of talent to choose from. Potential employees should already live in your area or be willing to relocate soon. Conversely, if you decide to look for talent remotely, the freelancer doesn’t work in-house, so there’s no need to leave or relocate. This allows people for a variety of tasks related to full-featured 2D Animation (concept creation, sketching, 2D character design, storyboard development, special sound/visual effects creation, scene animation, and background transitions).

  • 2D Animation Company

It’s true that s we have instant access to a global talent pool. We’re not limited to cities, countries, or even continents. But is it always good to rely on someone online without having 100% trust in expertise and quality assurance? If you don’t know much about freelancers but want to work with a real professional, look for another option. 2d animation services providers like Animetus is a dedicated team of creative 2D animators, designers, and artists working together in a company you can trust. They work together with a passion for art and a willingness to work on a variety of projects.


Based on the above information, now you can set a budget for your 2D animation project. However, many factors come into play when budgeting for a 2D animation project, including length, style, type, and team. There are two main approaches to budgeting. If you are considering to get video animation services online, then contact a trusted 2D animation studio, like Animetus and explain your business needs and goals, and let them come up with a budget for your project.

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