Tips and Tricks to Create Stunning Professional Business Cards

Tips and Tricks to Create Stunning Professional Business Cards

A business card is often a target customer’s first contact with a business. So, you would like to encourage and engage them to find out more about what you do and how you do it. The best way to do that is to print well-designed and professional business cards.

Before you proceed with your business card printing, here are some tips that you can follow.

Check Out Different Business Cards from Across Different Industries

The best way to print business cards is to study different business cards from various industries. Gather as many business cards as possible and lay them out on a surface. Find out what you like and dislike about each card. Note down if something strikes you.

Next, check out the cards of your competitors. Check out the common qualities and which card looks more attractive. You might want to analyze some of the qualities you have detected in the business card of your competitor. But make sure that you don’t copy them completely. There should be something that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Choose the Best Size and Shape for Your Needs

Regular or luxury business cards are traditionally rectangular horizontal cards. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use the same shape. Based on your industry and brand image, you can choose from a wide range of shapes. You can choose geometrical or organic. You have to consider the best size and shape for your brand. In case you don’t want to step too far out of the box, you can get a rectangular card. They are not very common and will differentiate you from your competitors.

Make It Readable

When you have loads of information to include during the luxury business card printing, you might be tempted to reduce the text size. Often smaller texts appear to be readable onscreen. However, when you print them, they might change to an illegible smudge. A general rule of the thumb is not to go smaller than 8pt. Make sure that you pay attention to the don’t. It is better to keep things a little simple and professional. Avoid using a detailed calligraphic font that is difficult to decipher.

Use Your Creative Powers

When you are considering luxury business card printing, you might have to follow some design rules while creating your own business cards. However, you should also use your imagination and creativity. You can check out some inspirational designs and come up with a creative and unique graphic design. It is important to focus on delivering your business details in a creative way.

 Include a QR Code

Business cards can be more useful if they come with QR codes. If you have to include details within a limited space, the best way is to include a QR code. It is how you include the contact details of your company without making your business card look cluttered. Moreover, you can showcase a link between the content of the website and other online sites, and printed details.

 Give It a Special Finish

Your business card printing should appear as a premium quality product with great artwork. Hence, you need to give it a quality finish. It is how you make the cards stand out from your competitors.

By giving your card a special finish, you can send out the right signals. Hence, make sure that the use of metallic inks, spot-UV, foil blocking, etc. gives the best finishing touch for an excellent visual impression.

Avoid Making Common Mistakes

You need to avoid some common pitfalls when you are printing a business card. Don’t make a straight-looking border on each side of the card. This can lead to some misalignments during the card’s trimming process.

Similarly, you can get in touch with your printer to work on the bleed area to ensure that you don’t design anything there. The business card that you are designing should be free of errors.

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