Things to Know About Commercial EV Charger

Things to Know About Commercial EV Charger

Benefiting business owners and residential users, our Commercial EV Charger Installation offers financial advantages and environmental benefits. Our unwavering commitment to customer service remains constant throughout the installation journey. In this blog, we’ll elaborate on the process and expectations when signing up for a charging point installation at your home or business.

The installation comprises three primary phases:

Site Survey:

We conduct a non-binding site survey before installing. Although most installations are straightforward, the uniqueness of each site requires precise execution. We assess access, charging point placement, and potential hindrances. Following the survey, we provide a comprehensive quote detailing available grants from the Office for Low-Emission Vehicles (OLEV). We handle the grant application process on your behalf, leaving you responsible for only a portion of the installation cost.

Installing Your Electric Car Charger:

Once the details are agreed upon, we notify your energy supplier about the upcoming installation. Our team arrives punctually on the designated installation day and begins work with minimal disruption to your daily routine or business operations. Our dedicated family of installers takes pride in their tidy workmanship. Completion is typically within a few hours, ensuring your installation is done in a day. As part of the process, we can integrate a dedicated fuse board and incorporate residual current devices (RCDs) for enhanced safety.

After Care:

Following installation, our OLEV registered technician thoroughly inspects your system. We provide the sign-off upon approval, marking your readiness to IN-Charge EV Installation. We offer comprehensive guidance on system usage, which is incredibly user-friendly and managed through a convenient app on your phone. Should you require assistance, our aftercare support remains a mere call away. Our customer-centric ethos ensures we’re here whenever you need guidance or resolution.

Embrace the Electric Journey:

This concise guide outlines the IN-Charge EV Installation approach to installing electric car chargers at your residence or business. If you have any inquiries about electric vehicle charging points or electric vehicles themselves, contact our team for expert assistance. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the installation possibilities, ensuring you get all the time-limited grants. Contact us through the provided form, email, or call to schedule your survey promptly.

Why do people prefer EV Charge?

People opt for Ohme EV Charger Installation Service due to its exceptional features and benefits that cater to their electric vehicle charging needs:

Smart Charging Technology:

Ohme’s innovative charging technology optimises charging schedules based on energy tariffs, ensuring cost-effective and eco-friendly charging.

Seamless Integration:

Ohme chargers seamlessly integrate with various energy sources, including solar panels, allowing users to maximise renewable energy utilisation.

Remote Management:

The ability to control and monitor charging remotely via a smartphone app offers convenience and flexibility to users.

Dynamic Load Management:

Ohme chargers adapt to the available power capacity, preventing overload and enhancing energy efficiency.

Cost Savings:

Smart charging helps minimise electricity costs by charging during off-peak hours and taking advantage of lower energy tariffs.

User-Friendly Experience:

Ohme’s user-friendly app interface and intuitive controls make electric vehicle charging hassle-free and easy to manage.


Users can customise charging preferences and set charging schedules to align with their routine and energy needs.

Energy Monitoring:

Ohme provides real-time energy consumption insights, empowering users to make informed decisions about their charging habits.


With a focus on optimising renewable energy usage and reducing carbon footprint, Ohme appeals to environmentally conscious users.

Expert Installation:

Ohme EV Charger Installation Service ensures proper setup by trained professionals, guaranteeing safe and reliable charging.


Ohme chargers are designed to accommodate evolving electric vehicle technologies and charging infrastructure developments.

Manufacturer’s Expertise:

As a reputable manufacturer, Ohme’s EV charging solutions are backed by the company’s expertise and commitment to quality.

Overall, Ohme’s innovative features, user-centric approach, and commitment to sustainable charging solutions make its Charger Installation Service a preferred choice for individuals seeking reliable, efficient, and future-ready electric vehicle charging solutions.

Kojo Electrics LTD company excels in delivering top-tier electric vehicle charging solutions, Ohme EV Charger Installation Service, merging advanced installations with eco-conscious practices. Our commitment to a sustainable future drives our dedication to providing reliable, efficient, and user-friendly charging experiences. IN-Charge EV Installation offers seamless electric vehicle charging solutions, combining expert installation with cutting-edge technology for a greener tomorrow. Opt for us because we blend expertise in EV charging solutions with a commitment to environmental sustainability, ensuring reliable and future-ready charging experiences. Our seamless installations and user-focused approach set us apart as your ideal choice.