The Simplest Remedies for Ant Control in Vaughan

The Simplest Remedies for Ant Control in Vaughan

When ants are inside your house, you won’t appreciate them. Ants are truly an annoyance, and a large ant infestation isn’t simple to get rid of. Ants will also keep returning to your property unless you get rid of them from your home permanently. These pesky pests will keep parading around your house if you don’t take the right action against them. Calling a reliable pest control service, such as Pesticon, ensures effective ant control in Vaughan. Nevertheless, you may not bother hiring professionals for a specific reason. In that case, you may consider trying the simplest home remedies to exterminate ants.

The Simplest Ant Control Remedies

Here are the simplest remedies you can try to get rid of ants from your property in Vaughan:

Remove Things That Can Attract Ants:

Various objects on your property can attract ants. Those things include food, drink, and garbage. You shouldn’t let these things be available for ants in your home. You should remove the items, such as food and drinks, from the countertops, tables, and other surfaces. Removing these items will help you avoid ants crowding over them. You may either store food items in the fridge on in their designated containers with proper sealing.

Make sure you also clean the kitchen surfaces with soap and hot water. In addition, keep the garbage in sealed containers. You should also have a container outside for garbage in place to discard the trash away from the kitchen. It is vital for you to collect trash on time and in an organized way to avoid ants and flies. Hence, removing the objects that attract ants can help you avoid ants in your home.

Obstruct Ant Tracks:

You should also block ant tracks with strong scents. You should utilize strong-smelling spices for this purpose, such as cinnamon and garlic. Ants can’t withstand the strong scents; hence, they will lose their parade when they smell such scents. The strong aroma of cinnamon and garlic will force the ants to crawl away. Additionally, the good idea is to place cloves of garlic and sticks of cinnamon in areas where you usually see the ants coming. 

Use Vinegar:

Another simplest home remedy you have to get rid of ants is vinegar. You may consider utilizing vinegar as an insecticide spray for ant control in Vaughan on your property. Vinegar is a natural insecticide and fungicide simultaneously. It also averts ants from invading the surfaces. Besides, vinegar as an insecticide spray is an excellent solution to prevent ants from entering your home. You may apply the spray to places where the ants could enter your home to infest it.

Obliterate Their Sense of Smell:

You can also destroy the ants’ sense of smell via mint leaves. You may place mint leaves around the house, specifically doorways, windows, and gaping holes, for ant control. May you consider placing a leaf or two on the aforementioned areas for ant control to avoid ants in your home. In addition to mint, you may consider using the other plants for ant control, such as thyme, lavender, basil, and peppers. 

Use Boiling Water:

If the above remedies don’t effectively work against ants, you can use boiling water to kill ants. If you see the presence of anthills, you should pour boiling water on anthills. Boiling water will destroy anthills and eventually kill the ants with its heat. Also, make sure you sweep the remains out of the house and clean the surfaces as we have mentioned earlier.

These are the 5 simplest remedies for ant control. Further, the best way to prevent ant infestation is to maintain good sanitation all over the house. Ants and other organisms survive on a musty environment. Therefore, it is important to often dry and clean all the areas on your property to prevent ant infestations. 

What If Ant Control Remedies Fail?

If the simplest remedies that you can try to get rid of ants fail, you will need to call the professionals. You may still think that DIY ant control is a simple and cheap option to get rid of ants. Nevertheless, you can’t successfully deal with a large ant infestation with DIY methods for ant control. Besides, contacting professionals is also your safest and the most effective deal for ant control. However, you must contact a reliable pest control service in Vaughan for ant control.   


Ants are a nuisance, and these pests can multiply fast if you ignore a minor infestation in your home.  Contacting a pest control service is your best deal for ant control in Vaughan. Still, you may not prefer hiring professionals for ant control for a specific reason. Lastly, you can also deal with ants in your home yourself while following the simplest remedies for ant control, including:

  1. Remove Things That Can Attract Ants
  2. Obstruct Ant Tracks
  3. Use Vinegar
  4. Obliterate Their Sense of Smell
  5. Use Boiling Water