The Best Men’s Flannel Shirts of 2022

The Best Men’s Flannel Shirts of 2022

Flannel up this fall for a hike, tailgate grilling, or leaf raking. We’ve rounded up the best Flannel shirts for men, men’s classic wool, cotton, and technical flannel shirts.

Today’s flannel is a far cry from the grunge scene in Seattle or Paul Bunyan’s tack shop. Plaid lovers have a plethora of options that are more technical, less scratchy, and all-around more comfortable. Here are our picks for the year 2022.

The Best Men’s Flannel Shirts of 2022

Best Overall Flannel Shirt: Pladra Elli Everyday Flannel

To win the title of best overall flannel, the shirt must meet all of the criteria: great fit, comfort, durability, and flexibility to wear from fall to spring. We’re looking for something we’d reach for when getting coffee in the morning or something we’d throw on to warm up next to the campfire. It should be tough enough for Saturday chores while also looking good. And what if one of our loved ones decides to steal it from our closet? It’s just another approval checkmark.

The best of the best is the 100 percent organic Portuguese cotton, which feels luxuriously soft against the skin. Phaedra lists the shirt as midweight, but we discovered that the fabric bridges the gap between lightweight and midweight, allowing it to be worn in a variety of temperatures from fall to spring.

The fabric is sewn together in a modern tailored fit with plenty of room for layering. The fit is a little more relaxed if you own the Cascade, which we ranked as our top choice for work last year.

Phaedra’s shirts are also made in the United States and come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Fabric weight: 176 gsm
  • Material: 100% cotton

Best Budget Flannel: Duluth Trading Co. Free Swingin’ Flannel Relaxed Fit Shirt

The 100% cotton shirt is prewashed and has a slightly textured finish. Because it’s a work shirt, we expect some rigidity as a trade-off for increased durability. The cotton is brushed to give it a softer feel, but it will never be velvety soft. And it’s undeniably in Duluth’s DNA.

The Free Swingin’ Flannel typically runs, which is a reasonable price for a tough work shirt that can take a beating. However, it is frequently on sale for less, making it an undeniable steal. Get yours while they’re still available!

Best Lightweight Flannel: Orvis Flat Creek Tech Flannel

Orvis isn’t just about fishing. They make a great lifestyle line of clothing that can be worn on and off the water.

The Flat Creek Tech flannel is a lightweight, durable flannel that’s ideal for getting a head start on the flannel season. The chest pockets are buttoned shut and sewn to match the panel pattern of the shirt.  deep third chest pocket zips vertically behind the left chest pocket and can hold a fly-in. The right hem has a sunglasses chamois sewn into it.

This year’s Flat Creek fits perfectly and features new MarinoWul+ material. It adds a slight stretch and soft feel to the shirt, as well as improved temperature regulation.

Even though last year’s Flat Creek Tech is still available for purchase through Orvis, we recommend purchasing the most recent iteration of the shirt. It’s superior on almost every level.

  • Cotton, MarinoWul+, and spandex
  • fabric weight: 154 gsm

Best Heavyweight Flannel: Fjallraven Canada Shirt

Wool’s origins can be traced back to Welsh sheepherders. These were men who had to work in cold, wet, windy and otherwise unfavorable conditions. They valued all of the properties of wool — warmth when wet, durability, and odor-killing — and developed flannel to withstand the harsh conditions.

The poly-wool blend, true to the properties of wool, provides good odor protection with the added durability of polyamide.

  • Wool is 70% of the material, and polyamide is 30%.
  • 340 gsm fabric weight

Best Office-Friendly Flannel: Proper Cloth Beacon

Proper Cloth is a startup brand that originated in New York’s Garment District. PC has built a small empire around high-quality, ready-to-wear shirts with a long list of custom-fit options, embracing UX design theory.

Proper Cloth simplifies the purchasing process by using a thread-to-point-of-sale system design approach. You can browse the Flannel shirts for men, click, and buy your size online.

Do you want to shake things up a little? You can use its Design-a-Shirt tool to change the fabric, add some design flair, or even enter your own body measurements for a completely personalized shirt.

If you prefer off-the-shelf clothing, you probably don’t need to invest in a custom fit. However, for those whose torso and arms are slightly larger than average, the Beacon Flannel will be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. The Beacon is available in 20 different patterns and 10 different solid colors.

  • Fabric weight: 170 gsm
  • Material: 100% Egyptian cotton

Best Nontraditional Flannel: Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

The Legend Sweater by Faherty is for the guy who swears he’ll never wear Flannel shirts for men. The material, a Turkish blend of three yarns, is woven to feel smooth against the skin and soft to the touch. The material has a tailored fit that moves with your body during any activity.

The midweight material, which fits more like a cardigan sweater, is ideal for wearing alone in the fall and spring. In the colder months, it layers well under a jacket or a thicker shake. If you want to wear something similar on its own in the winter, we recommend California Cowboy’s High Sierra, which has a thick synthetic waffle liner for added warmth.

The Legend, like 501s and Levis, has become a Faherty staple. There’s something for everyone with 11 color schemes to choose from.

  • 62 percent polyester, 33 percent viscose, and 5 percent spandex

Best Full-Featured Flannel: California Cowboy High Sierra

There are more technical and long-lasting options on this list, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable flannel than California Cowboy’s High Sierra. And you’re not going to find another flannel with as many hidden (and useful) features!

To begin, the High Sierra has a rear pocket ideal for storing a cold can or bottle, a glove loop, a sunglasses loop, and a zippered water-resistant stash pocket. In addition, every High Sierra comes with a beer koozie, a bottle opener, and a deck of conversation starter cards (because why not?).

If you’re unfamiliar with California Cowboy, check out the Cowboy’s truly conversational poolside robes.

  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton flannel
  • 50 percent cotton, 50 percent modal thermal lining


Why are flannel shirts so expensive?

Ans Cotton is frequently more expensive than polyester or other textiles used in the production of flannel. High-quality wool is more expensive than either, so consider the nature of your fabric when determining to price.

Who makes the softest flannel shirt?

Ans And the Beacon is by far the softest flannel we’ve ever worn. The Beacon is made of two-ply fabric with a thread count of 50s. While the thread count is relatively low, the nap is exceptionally smooth, making this a great choice for cool summer mornings and early fall days when temperatures can range from crisp to warm.

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