Tackle the Future Advertisement Issues with a 2d Animation Maker

Tackle the Future Advertisement Issues with a 2d Animation Maker

It doesn’t matter if it is an animated video, movie, or cartoon, every time the viewers fall in love with it. Its unique and interactive nature helps customers connect with the brand story or the message. Seeing the incredible demand and likeness by the customers, companies started using it to promote their brands. Later it was used for presentations, video games, educational material, etc. Since the demand for animation increased, there was a demand for such companies or developers. It led to the introduction of a 2d animation maker that enabled businesses to create their own videos.

Animation has never let the companies down with its unique approaches and a broader opportunity to explore creativity. It lets the animators’ ideas run wild, implementing everything that comes to mind. Sometimes, it is a great success. Look at the animated commercial; it is the most outstanding example of its success, earning millions with the right strategy. Soon the online tools made it possible for individuals to create customized videos online. From 2d to motion graphics, each of the animations serves a different task. However, all of them come in free and paid versions depending on the features or functionalities a firm is looking for.

What is a 2D animation maker?

2d animation refers to the characters and objects created in a two-dimensional environment with width and height. It is a traditional animation style that works by drawing the images by hand and putting the frames together. However, each drawing or sketch differs slightly from the previous one to create an illusion of movement. Every second here nearly includes 24 frames to add depth to the scene. The Little Mermaid is a prime example of 2d animation. Since the demand for 2d animation increased, companies moved towards hiring animation companies or purchasing software from multiple backgrounds and characters.

Once the demand for animation increased, companies faced scarcity in terms of animators. Here, a 2d animation maker made its way, leveraging industries and individuals to create their own animated videos without having little or no knowledge about its tools. These online tools were cheaper than the software or animation agencies, making it feasible for small and emerging companies to create advertising videos or movies. The process was much easier than the original one as the online animation tools automated major of the process, guiding the company in real-time.

5 2D Animation Tools


Companies often searching for a 2d online animation tool end up at Animaker. It is considered the best tool that leverages numerous icons, characters, backgrounds, maps, themes, charts, etc., to create a fantastic video. It can make videos 2d videos for presentations, video games, conferences, and other personal projects. Moreover, it enables companies to create such videos in different styles, including 2d, whiteboard, 2.5d, typography, etc. 

The best part about this animated tool is its simple user interface that allows beginners to create stunning animated videos and presentations without learning anything. Further, it comes with 100 background music tracks and will enable users to choose from 200 sound effects. Clients can even record voice recordings and export the video in HD quality, making the animated video look out of the world.


The hand-drawn animation software is an easy-to-use tool that allows businesses to use it for free. They can sketch or paint according to their preference. Since it is a cross-platform tool, it runs seamlessly on Linux, Windows, and macOS. A commercial business mainly uses open-source software that quickly reviews the work utilizing the flip or roll technique. Above that, Pencil2d supports the TIFF format while offering tutorials on its use in multiple languages like English, Portuguese and Spanish. Businesses striving to create fun and creative videos opt for minimalist designs that simplify the animation process. It even offers vector workflow switching, stepping up the 2d animation maker game.


Opentoonz is another free, open-source animation app that is highly compatible with four different types of scanning. It even goes forward and enables businesses to save different scanning settings. The app is consistent with TWAIN standards. Further, the tool allows for an easy technique to paint with provisional colors and use anti-aliased lines. Opentoonz supports Windows and OSX operating systems, leveraging plug-ins to create perfect animation videos by automating the effects without editing. 

The tool enables companies to change the source code to add more features. It can adjust image styles, add distortion, edit light effects, and manage scale resolution. Moreover, users can synthesize effects with GUI through a node tree and use GTS scaling tools for further improvement in the 2d videos. 

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Animate CC

If you are looking for an engaging bitmap and vector animation tool for web, games, or apps, Animate CC should be your go-to software. It lets designers create new poses for vector figures or images and allows them to add multiple actions to infographics or tutorials depending on their preference. Unlike others, it arranges the layers in a parent-child hierarchy. The best part about this 2d animation maker is its ability to export 360 VR animations and automate mouth poses matching the voice inflections. Animate CC is known for creating ads directly with the tool and exporting images with high resolution.


Talking about the top animation tool or maker, Synfig outdoes every other software. The free, open-source animation tool works on Windows, Linux, and OSX operating systems. Thirdly, it comes with 50 layers facilitating users with an advanced animation and 2d vector graphics approach without any limitation. Synfig transforms vector shapes in any image into another and even goes beyond linking layers’ parameters via mathematics. Its bone system enables the creation of cutout animations from bitmap images. Besides this, companies can leverage their testing and stable versions depending on their needs. Lastly, its sound supports the addition and syncing of music in the videos.

Animation is a unique technique to create beautiful videos that grab viewers’ attention and keep them captivated for years to come. Since the animation companies charged thousands of dollars to develop animated video games, presentations, advertisements, etc., the 2d animation maker gained popularity in the 1990s. Still, many companies, especially new or emerging firms, opt for this. However, animation companies are the best choice if you want a professional look.