Steps to Troubleshoot Your HughesNet Internet Connection

Steps to Troubleshoot Your HughesNet Internet Connection

Looking for damage and resetting your router are just two ways to troubleshoot your HughesNet internet connection. You can find more ideas in this article.

HughesNet is one of the most reliable providers in the United States. The company offers satellite internet to the users and is trusted by the people residing in the country’s rural areas. The reason why people like this provider so much is because it provides quality services and that too at affordable rates. Moreover, it is known for delivering decent speeds to subscribers. 

Ways to Troubleshoot Your HughesNet Internet Connection

Although HughesNet has a strong reputation in the market, people can sometimes have trouble using their internet service. And yes, it can get quite frustrating. After all, a bad internet connection means that you won’t be able to do any activity online. You can always call the HughesNet customer service number to ask them to fix the issue. You can also try troubleshooting the problem yourself with the help of different ways. Let’s have a look at some of them: 

Look for Damage 

As soon as your internet connection starts to trouble, the first thing that you should do is to look for damages. You should ensure that all the cables and cords are connected the right way. Also, make sure that they are not damaged in any way. Another thing you should do is to follow the path where the cable is connected and then see if it is under some kind of pressure. It is also advised to head outside and check the satellite dish for any damage caused by the weather. If there is anything that is out of order, then it can severely impact the performance of the internet connection. 

Move Your Satellite Dish 

If the HughesNet internet is not working at all, then this can mean that you have not positioned the satellite dish the right way. Always remember that when you are placing the dish, it has to point towards the nearest tower. Also, while setting up the dish, make sure that there is no obstacle in front of it. This obstacle can be anything from a car to a tree. In addition, make sure that the dish is slightly facing the sky. 

Restart and Reset Your Router

If you have positioned the satellite dish correctly and are still receiving a bad internet connection, then try restarting the router. This step is crucial to do as it can potentially solve the problem. But how to restart your modem? Well, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Find the power button. It will be located on the back of your router.
  2. Press it once.
  3. Plug your router out from the power source.
  4. Wait for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Plug it back in.

And voila! You have just restarted your modem. If this doesn’t work, then you have to try resetting the device, and here’s how you can do that:

  1. Find the pinhole on the back of your router.
  2. Take a needle or a pen. 
  3. Reach the pinhole and press the button with the object till the light turns off.
  4. Unplug the router and then wait for almost 60 seconds.
  5. Plug the router back in.
  6.  Test

After resetting your modem, your internet should work just fine. But if not, then keep reading!

Update the Firmware of Your Router 

Another reason why your HughesNet internet is not working the way it should is that your router needs a firmware update. To see if there are any updates present, you will have to access the control panel of your router. Follow the process below to update the firmware of your router:

  1. Launch CMD
  2. Type “/ipcpnfig” and then hit Enter
  3.  You will see a list of IPs. 
  4. Look for IPv4 and copy the address.
  5. Paste the address on the browser of your preference. 
  6. Enter your username and password. 
  7. Head to the Update tab and look if there are any updates available. 

If in case there are updates available, then don’t think twice before applying them. But do keep in mind that your router will restart multiple times during this process.

Contact Your Provider 

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above, but nothing worked, then do not hesitate and give your provider a call. And when you do, make sure that you brief them about the problem. Also, tell them about the steps that you took in order to resolve the issue yourself. HughesNet’s reps are friendly, and they will troubleshoot the problem for you. 

Advantages of HughesNet

The ISP’s regular plans are rather inexpensive. There are no hard data restrictions or caps, which means that if you use up all of your data limits before the end of the billing month, your internet connection will not be cancelled. It maintains a steady rate while being diligent.

HughesNet speeds were determined to be either exactly as claimed or somewhat better in an FCC examination of fixed broadband. The blueprints are simple and straightforward, with no ambiguous details.

Data Caps or No Data Caps?

HughesNet provides unrestricted internet access with no fixed data limitations. This is ideal for when you have visitors around for the weekend and need to connect many devices to your data connection. You don’t have to be concerned if your data is depleted due to constant streaming or downloading. HughesNet will not cancel or terminate your service. They will just lower your speeds for the remainder of the month. There will be no extra monthly fees for these rates, which will range between 1 and 3 Mbps.

If you’re unhappy with your current decreased speed, you may purchase data tokens at any moment throughout the billing month. If it doesn’t work for you, you might try restricting your exposure to certain types of media.


HughesNet is one of the best internet providers. And though it offers amazing service, sometimes issues can surface without warning. But you should not worry. If you ever face problems connecting to the internet, just try to follow the aforementioned steps, and before you know it, the problem will be resolved. 

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