SSC CGL Exam Preparation While‌ ‌Working‌ ‌Full‌ ‌Time

SSC CGL Exam Preparation While‌ ‌Working‌ ‌Full‌ ‌Time

Conquering any difficulty always offer one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one’s liberty.” – Henri Frederic Amiel. Many candidates have set their heart on the flaming desire of securing a job in government departments at dignified positions. SSC is the most sought after job after the UPSC Civil services exam. Grabbing a job after qualifying for the SSC CGL exam can offer you a heavy salary along with several other benefits that other jobs seldom provide. Aspiring candidates prepare to their wit’s end to qualify for the SSC CGL exam with flying colours. 

All About SSC CGL Exams

The Staff Selection Commission of India conducts the SSC CGL exam for recruiting employees to multiple designations such as an inspector, audit officer, income tax officer etc. Numerous candidates rely on self-study while preparing for the exam, but coaching can help them score a high number in the SSC CGL exam. If anyone needs reliable mentoring while preparing for the exam, they can link with the most esteemable institute that offers excellent SSC CGL coaching in JalandharSome candidates are students, and others are full-time working professionals. Do many candidates cerebrate how to prepare for the SSC CGL exam with a full-time job? Yes, studying for a job is an arduous task for working professionals. But, effective time management and a strategic study plan can help you ace SSC CGL exam preparation.

Here is a list of handy tips that can help working professionals amp up their efficiency while preparing for the SSC CGL exam:

Adhere To A Timetable

Being a full-time employee will get you 5-6 hours each day out of your working schedule. It is suggested to devote at least 4 hours every day to clear the SSC CGL exam. Devise a strategic timetable to help you cover all the important topics related to the SSC CGL test. Note that the SSC CGL paper is conducted in four tiers, and make sure you are getting yourself prepared for all these tiers. Qualifying these tiers will assure your final selection. You need to make the best possible use of these 4 hours in a day.

Study During Early Hours Of The Morning

Hindu mythology states that the time from 4 am to 5 am is considered Brahma Muhurta. It is a proven fact that what you study in this period gives you more benefit and helps you retain topics for a longer time. Therefore, it is advised to wake during the early hours of the morning and study for at least 2 hours. It is a perfect time for learning general knowledge and English comprehension. Most of the jobs start from 9 am till 6 pm. Therefore, you’ll get two hours in the night between 9 pm to 11 pm to prepare for the SSC CGL exam. About this time to study for the Quantitative aptitude and reasoning questions.

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Make Most Of The Weekends

Weekends are a blessing for you while preparing for the SSC CGL test. Study maximum in these two days. Make a weekly target and complete at least five topics of SSC CGL. Prepare the topics so that you retain them perfectly and make sure you’ll need not revise them in the future. Doing this will help you utilize your weekends in the most productive way possible. 

Scrutinize Your Abilities

You can easily scrutinize your abilities by practising maximum mock tests. It can help you analyze your stronger and weaker areas for further improvements. As mock tests are designed as per the actual exam pattern and exam syllabus, you’ll be able to simulate the exam experience. It is recommended to solve at least one mock test per day to help you perform better while attempting the SSC CGL paper. Solving various mock tests will help you prepare section-wise for the exam to decrease the risk of negative marking in the SSC CGL exam.

An umpteen working professionals are working hard to grab a government job by qualifying SSC CGL exam. If anyone needs proper training while preparing for the SSC CGL exam, they can connect with the most reliable institute that provides first-class SSC CGL coaching.

You Can Prefer To Study In Bits

As you’ll have limited time to prepare for the SSC CGL test, you can opt to study in bits. You can spare some time during your lunchtime or break time and prepare for the exam. You can boost your SSC CGL paper preparation by downloading a mobile application. These applications can help you study during your travel time and help you learn short tricks required to solve questions. Moreover, these apps have quizzes, so you can easily solve at least two quizzes in 30 minutes. SSC CGL course applications can help you assess your performance by sitting anywhere at any time.

Choose Weekend Coaching Classes

While preparing for the SSC CGL paper, you may have some doubts and queries that can be solved by an experienced teacher only. So, you can choose to join the coaching classes during the weekend to beef up your SSC CGL exam preparation. Try to choose an institute with experienced mentors who solve every query of students amicably. So, if you need astounding guidance while preparing for the exam, join a leading institute that provides Top SSC coaching.

Get Extra Skill

Reading books all time is not a big thing. You need to add extra abilities and skills to your learning process. Try to pass many tests and exams, such as SSC CGL. This way, you will know more knowledge and expertise. 


The miraculous tips that can help any working professional to ace the SSC CGL paper preparation are embellished above. SSC CGL test is the most common government exam that candidates wish to clear. Keep working hard with austere determination, as it will guarantee your success in the SSC CGL exam.

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