Some Common Phishing Techniques That You Must Know

Some Common Phishing Techniques That You Must Know

Most Phishing Techniques are implemented through emails these days. Though email service providers integrate a robust security service to filter out spam messages, it may often hard to detect phishing because it is done by using sophisticated tools and methods.

If you are still wondering about phishing meaning or thinking about what is phishing. Then, consider it an illegitimate attempt that may use to obtain your credit card information, username, password. And, many other sensitive and private data that could help a phisher to steal your money. 

A phishing attack is carried out via an email. It may target towards your inbox smartly without getting blocked by the security filters set by your email service provider. Let’s discuss some common phishing techniques that phishers use these days:

Addition of legitimate links

A phisher will usually add many legitimate links and accounts to his email to make it look authentic and safe. The addition of legitimate links makes the email scanners believe that it is a clean email. However, the link that may use for phishing will also add smartly amidst the legitimate email ids and website links to trap you. 

An anti-phishing software or tool might detect such fraudulent emails but such emails often manage to enter your inbox. And, you must avoid clicking on any of the links given in such emails for phishing prevention. 

URL shorteners & Time-bombing

Many phishers use URL shorteners because email filters. It scan signatures overlook a shortened phishing link and the phishing email will get your inbox easily. 

Time-bombing may another technique use by phishers these days where they send a legitimate link to you. But, it redirects to a phishing page only once it gets deliver to your inbox. Therefore, the email scanners may become unable to detect them. 

Blank emails

You may notice many emails getting deliver to your inbox that have little or no content at all. Such emails usually contain no text. But, one or two images that are phishing links. The email scanners and filters will have nothing to scan in such blank emails and the phisher will get successful in getting entry to your inbox. 

Prevention techniques

Though the phishers manage to enter into your inbox by employing a smart technique. None of them can make you click the URLs or signatures that may design for fetching your sensitive information. 

Therefore, if you are thinking about how to prevent phishing then don’t click on any advertisement, link, or image. Unless, it may send by a known person or organization. Also, phishers need not use email always as SMS, social media sites, dating apps, and other means of communication can use as well.

One effective way of avoiding phishing may use anti-phishing software or purchasing an online wallet protection plan that will provide financial assistance to cover all the losses incurred due to phishing attacks. For example, Bajaj Finserv is offering a ‘Wallet Protect’ plan at just Rs. 699 that not only prevents a phishing attack. But, also protects you from ATM skimming and other fraudulent activities. It may carry out by using your credit/debit cards. The key features of this plan may give below:

Fraud protection

Coverage of up to Rs. 2,00,000 is provided to protect you from tele-phishing, email phishing, and other types of phishing. This coverage may also provide in case your payment cards may lost or stolen or for other ATM frauds as well. 

Travel assistance

If you may strand during a vacation due to Phishing Techniques or ATM fraud. Then, this plan will provide you advance for ticket booking, hotel bills, etc. Even emergency cash benefits are provided whilst you are enjoying a domestic trip. 

Other benefits

The complementary benefits of this plan include free replacement of the lost PAN card, card blocking service, mobile SIM blocking, and many other features that protect you from frauds and phishers. 

Apply for this wallet protection plan online, make payment online through any of your preferred modes, and safeguard your digital devices from all types of phishing. 

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