Root Canal Treatment | Safe Process and Cost-effective

Root Canal Treatment | Safe Process and Cost-effective

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure in dentistry that is used to save your natural tooth from further tooth damage and thereby helps tooth extraction also?

But does it only have some of the bright sides? Its advantages or costs maybe some of the questions that might trigger your mind. And the answers for all those are here in this article.

This article will discuss the cost, advantages, disadvantages, and some relevant faqs. So if you want to know more about this procedure, you may continue reading this article till the end.

How much does the root canal treatment cost?

The answer for this may not be exact because of several factors. You may be living in a different area than mine, or your dentist has more experience than mine, or the dental clinic you may visit may be standard and bigger, so these are some factors to consider while looking for the cost. However, on average, the cost of the root canal treatment in Chennai may be around some 7,000-15,000, which includes only the cost of the root canal but the cost of the crown is different. However, you can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai for better treatment.

Why do you think that root canal treatment is better than tooth extraction?

The root canal cure is better than tooth extraction is due to the following reasons;

  1. There is little to no more future complications with the procedure as if in the tooth extraction problems like face sagging, infection in the gums can occur.
  2. The root canal is performed by professionals, whereas the tooth extraction is performed by a local dentist, who is not a professional but a general dentist.
  3. Root canal treatments are aimed to restore the natural tooth and save them from the pain of extraction where you need not remove the tooth.
  4. The difference between the root canal cure is that the root canal treatment is a procedure in which a decayed tooth is saved. In the tooth extraction, the tooth is removed completely to ensure safety to other teeth.

So these are why root canal treatment is better than a tooth extraction.

What are the pros and cons of root canal cure?


Restores natural tooth

Root canal cure restores your natural tooth and saves it from painful tooth extraction and artificial tooth. It gives a natural look to the teeth and helps prevent them from getting damaged and decayed.

Helps neighbouring tooth

The root canal cure helps to prevent the spread of infection to the neighbouring tooth. Thus, it is suggested as a good treatment for the decayed tooth and the neighbouring tooth.

Prevents gap

A missing tooth allows the prevailing teeth to move in further and thus causes a gap in between the teeth. Thus preventing that the root canal cureworks better, and it also helps prevent the gap in your mouth.

No pain, gain

The root canal cure is less painful than the tooth extraction. There won’t be any pain as the root canal treatment is done by giving anaesthesia. In contrast, the tooth extraction’s pain is severe even after anaesthesia; you may feel a throbbing pain after completing the treatment.

So these were the pros; let’s look at its cons.



The root canal cure may be more expensive for a single tooth when compared to the tooth extraction. Therefore, many of us prefer to get tooth extraction rather than root canal treatment.

No guaranteed

As the root canal cure is a surgical procedure, there are chances that it may fail if performed on a person who is not suitable for the treatment or if performed by a dentist with relatively less experience.

Multiple appointments

One of the most witnessed problems among people is that they hate visiting the dentist multiple appointments for a single treatment and get annoyed at times.


If the final restoration may not done quickly, there are chances for reinfection in your tooth. So it would be best if you get the restoration soon.

These were some of the pros and cons of root canal cure.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Root Canal Treatment Cost, Advantages and disadvantages;

How many stages does the root canal treatment have?

The root canal treatment usually has three stages extirpation, instrumentation, and obturation.

How long does the root canal treatment last?

According to nsbendo, 98% of the root canal cure last for one year, whereas 92% last for five years, and 86% of the root canal treatment last for ten years.

Why does the root canal treatment multiple visits?

And it is a fact that the root canal cure may take some time for two or multiple visits because it carries many procedures like cleaning, sealing and then protecting for further damage.

How long does the pain rest at your teeth?

The root canal treatment stays for at least three days at a minimum and lasts up to a week or two. But if the pain may constant and may not see to reduce, then you must visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Is it good to brush after the root canal treatment?

You can brush after the root canal treatment as there isn’t anything unusual, but try not to touch the affected tooth.

Hope you find the article helpful if you have any suggestions, you can comment below in the comment section. Stay connected to read more. See you shortly, with the following article!

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