How To Protect Your Mobile Screen From Cracking?

How To Protect Your Mobile Screen From Cracking?

Only a few things are as cringe-worthy as finding your Mobile Screen cracked. The moment of helplessness when your phone drops on the pavement, and you hear the shatter of your screen!

All of it is more relatable as mobile phone screens are getting bigger and more prone to cracks. The bigger screens give us a better experience when watching videos or zooming in on the HD pictures, but they also make handling a bit more difficult.

If you want to avoid the inconvenience of seeing through a broken screen or finding a reliable mobile repair store near you, you must protect your phone screen.

Here are some tried and tested ways to minimize the chances of getting your phone screen damaged or cracked. You can also visit our informative blog to read more cellphone-related articles.

“Just In Case”

This may not be a unique idea, but cases play a vital role in keeping your phone safe. Just in case it falls off your hands and gets crashed onto the ground, the case will cushion the impact.

Not just any case will work, but you need one that balances durability, weight, and cushion and is comfortable for daily use. 

With the technology advancements, companies are making stronger and more reliable bumper cases to protect phone screens. You can pick your favourite style but make sure the design has enough heavy-duty ridges and screen clearance.

Use Pop Sockets

The larger screen sizes can affect the user’s grip, which may lead to more screen cracking accidents. One simple tool to protect your phone from such incidents is to use a pop socket.

They have proven to be useful to increase the grip and firm holding of the phone. These plastic gadgets come in various shapes and colours. You can get it customized as per your preferences. 

A pop socket is installed on the back of the phone and typically has a circular base, flexible stem, and a stylish disk. It is one of the top-selling phone accessories because users have experienced a better hold and control of their phone with pop sockets.

“Temper” Your Fears

Temper your fear of broken phone screens by installing tempered glass protectors. Nobody can perfectly plan for the unexpected, but a glass protector is designed to absorb the shock of it.

These are slim and durable slabs of tempered glass that adhere to your phone screen with minimum adhesion and static electricity. 

They absorb the force of impact during a drop and don’t let it through to the original screen. The shattered protector is much more affordable to replace than the phone screen.

Protectors exist for almost every phone. All you have to do is to find the right one!

Get A Car Phone Holder

The sheer number of times we drip our phone in our car is disturbing. There are times when using a phone in the car is inevitable and for all such times, get a car phone holder.

Although it is best not to call or text while driving, a car phone holder can make navigation a lot easier and safer. It is an affordable accessory that can prevent you from spending money on screen replacement.

Add Skin To Your Phone For Extra Grip

The majority of modern smartphones have glass backs, making the phones more slippery and prone to drops. One of the best tips to add more grip to your phone is to add skin to it.

You can find a wide variety in the quality and designs of these skins. They adhere to the back of the material effectively and offer a firm hold. You can customize the skin as per your likings.

Soft covers also prove great armour for smartphones but make sure they provide enough cushioning to the edges.

Find A Well-Reputed Mobile Repair Store Near You!

Even the best protectors and cases cannot protect your phone from every accident. Sometimes it happens when you just took off the case, or the impact is too great to be absorbed.

Preparing ahead of such situations prevents you from going to any phone repair shop out there. QRG Direct can help you find a well-reputed mobile phone screen repair store in your area. I prefer the company’s acclaimed retail outlets.

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