Preventing language barriers With online chat app at work

Preventing language barriers With online chat app at work

We may not realize it, but language barriers can heavily impact virtual communication. They can come in the way of professional progress. In any line of work, we are likely to come across people who speak different languages. In the present times, most of our communication takes place via online chat app. But if we can’t understand the language of our colleagues, clients, or customers, then we cannot progress as much as we’d like to as professionals. NEEO Messenger’s real-time chat translation feature can help eliminate language barriers. And with the tips given below, you can prevent language differences from affecting your performance at work.

  1. Type your queries in the chat bar:

While communicating online, you have the privilege of stating your questions and concerns in writing. When, for instance, you’re in a meeting, and there’s something you don’t understand, type it in the chat bar and send it off. The orator will address your concerns at the start, in the middle, or at the end of the meeting. Language barriers can slow down communication only if you don’t take active action to defy these barriers.

  • Ask for clarification with confidence:

Language barrier or not, everyone has a right to demand clarification if you feel the instructions are unclear. It is only rational to ask for clarification so you can deliver precisely what needs to be delivered. Never shy away from demanding clarity, even from your higher-ups. Asking questions with confidence will not give the impression that you are dense in fact, it will do quite the contrary. When you are vocal people will forget that you’re a non-native speaker and they will be impressed by your enthusiasm and determination.

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  • Combine images with content:

While working in a multinational organization, you should not only focus on trying to understand the language of others. Make an equal effort to help others comprehend what you’re saying. While presenting in front of colleagues, be considerate of the fact that people speak different languages. Simplify your language during discussions and meetings, and add images to text in presentations. Keep your volume loud and speed slow while conversing with a group of employees or colleagues so that no one has trouble hearing you.

  • Make sure everyone understands:

As the team lead, after each meeting, ask your team members if they have any questions. Always summarize the key points at the end of each meeting so everyone is on the same page from start to end. Ensure that all members of your team, including native and non-native speakers, are keeping up with the flow of work. Take time out for individual discussions with members who speak less during meetings. Ask them if they are clear on all the points or if they need further clarification.

  • Circulate notes in chat groups:

Most, if not all, organizations have official chat groups. Use your online chat app to circulate the minutes of the meeting regularly. If someone missed out on or was unclear regarding a certain point, they can catch up by going through the written points. They can also translate the document with a real-time chat translation feature such as one that comes with the NEEO Messenger app. The chat translation feature can translate audio and text messages in real-time in more than a hundred languages. It can also instantly translate documents for the receiver.

  • Reward team members with praise:

As the lead supervisor, you are not only responsible for assigning work to team members but are also responsible for keeping them motivated. When you see someone putting in extra effort, praise them generously. And if you feel a team member is working hard but seems to lack direction, then gently stir him back on- track. And if, for instance, your organization hired a non-native speaker as a creative manager, don’t criticize this person for language errors. Praise him for his excellent ideas and get someone else to deal with grammatical correctness.

  • Be empathetic towards non-native speakers:

Generally, employees fluent in the dominant language seem to win over the stage with this one quality. Other employees who give their best or work even harder seem to get neglected if they cannot boast about their work. Some might also find it hard to provide extensive reports for work accomplished due to language barriers. An employer should be fair in assessing the efforts of her employees. Create a reporting system that suits both native and non-native speakers. Language barriers can pose a threat to both personal and professional relationships.

NEEO Messenger’s real-time chat translation feature can solve most of your language related problems. With this online chat app, you don’t have to worry about installing separate software to translate messages.

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