Stretching Type 4 hair is the type of hair with the densest curls. The hair is coiled very tightly. This type of hair generally looks voluminous and bouncy. If styled properly, anyone can rock it. But the problem that comes with this beauty is that this type of hair is very susceptible to hair damage.

Type 4 hair is very fragile due to fewer cuticle layers compared to other types of hair. This is also the reason that hair tends to shrink when wet. Type 4 curl pattern hair requires special care to keep it healthy. More often than not, stretching your hair to a lighten the curls or straight helps in maintaining your hair.

African threading hair stretching

But heat tools which are often employed for the same purpose end up damaging the hair more by burning your delicate hair. People with fewer cuticles on their hair end up burning their hair faster than those with more cuticles. So one should avoid heat tools at all cost. Instead try to employ non heating methods of stretching.

One of such techniques used to keep your hair is African threading hair stretching. It is a technique traditionally used by Africans, who generally have coiled hair.

In this technique, one wraps thread (typically of the hair colour) and wrap it around sections of hair. The hair is untangled before it is wrapped. Not only does this technique help in stretching out your hair, it also adds a lot to your hair and scalps health. The thread is generally made of 100% cotton which prevents damages by reducing friction.

What You Need To Know?

African threading hair stretching reduces the shrinkage hence making your locks look lengthy. Since your hair can cover in thread, it may much less expose to the atmosphere. This prevents hair breakage which normally happens due to brushing your hair too often.

The colour of the thread you use is completely up to you, hence you can style it as per your preference. It can easily blend in with your fashion and complement your awestriking charisma. You can go for bright colours like red or blue for your thread or you can completely blend it with your hair colour.

Another added benefit is your hair will remain untangled when you decide to unwrap your hair. The moisture can retain and restrain inside the wraps hence preventing your hair from shrivelling to death.

African threading hair stretching can last about a week. So you don’t need to worry about styling your hair. No more bad hair days!


In conclusion, if you have type 4 curls, you can provide the best care to your hair by processing it through the African threading technique. Don’t use heat tools on your delicate hair.Your hair deserve all the love.

If you’re starting by taking care of your type 4 curls or trying to learn how to take care of it for your child, we would recommend a site to purchase tools to tend to your hair.