Is Good Handwriting Important In the IELTS Exam?

Is Good Handwriting Important In the IELTS Exam?

In this modern world, technology and inventions have made human life much easier and faster than before. Such inventions have positive and negative impacts. For instance, with the existence of smartphones and other electronic gadgets, people are now much involved in typing and don’t have an interest in writing during IELTS Exam.

As a result, the handwriting skills of some people are getting worse day by day. When it comes to the role of good handwriting in an IELTS exam, Some people are of the opinion that handwriting is not important in the IELTS exam. This perception is not true at all. If you are also going to give an IELTS exam, then read the full article because we are going to discuss the importance of handwriting in the IELTS exam. 

All About Good Handwriting

Good handwriting is important in the IELTS exam because when candidates write clearly and concisely, it leads to a good impression on the examiner. Moreover, they learn to express their views properly and systematically. This results in better academic and professional performance.

However, if a candidate has bad handwriting, then examiners won’t be able to understand what he/she has written. In this case, they can penalize you, and you will lose scores just because of bad handwriting. Are you preparing for the IELTS exams and looking for the best online source? Then you can approach the best institute providing excellent IELTS online classes.

Importance of Handwriting in the IELTS Exam

As handwriting is important in academic exams, the same way good writing is crucial in both academic writing tests as well as general training writing tests. Therefore, candidates need to maintain good readable handwriting to make the examiner able to understand everything properly without getting in trouble.

Good handwriting is important in the IELTS exams because it does not matter how well explained your task is, but if your handwriting skills are poor, your writing sheet is of no use. Imagine how awful it will be to write a well organized, well explained and error-free writing task but still get a low score just because of bad handwriting skills. 

Candidates who have excellent writing skills often have high chances to score high in the IELTS exam. It does not matter if their ideas are puzzling and their elaboration of ideas is less logical. Still, they attain good scores in handwriting because of their pleasant presentation. Are you searching for online classes to acquire training 

sitting at home? If so, then you can approach the well-known platform offering the best PTE online classes. Let’s move further and discuss some productive ways to improve your handwriting to prevent losing scores because of it.

Tips to Improve Handwriting

●     Clean and Clear Handwriting

Your writing sheet must be neat and clean, along with clear handwriting. Handwriting style and format does not matter in IELTS exams. Every type of format is welcomed in the IELTS exam. Whether your style of handwriting is cursive or not, make sure to write it clearly with proper spaces. Each and every word must be readable because poor understanding may result in a lesser score. Candidates who always use cursive handwriting style should be aware of whether their writing is clear and 

understandable or not. If they find any difficulty in understanding this style of writing, they should switch to the normal writing style. 

●     Writing Tools

Make sure to bring all the writing tools like pens and pencils along with you. In IELTS reading and listening, you should prefer a pencil over a pen. Because in listening, there are more chances that you need to delete the answer to write the new one. Therefore, if you attempt questions with a pencil, it will be easy to remove the wrong answer with an eraser to write down the correct answer again.

Make sure to erase the word properly before writing the new word to avoid confusion. On the other hand, using a pen is not a good option because if you have to delete or hide some unnecessary or irrelevant information, it will leave a bad impression on the examiner and will look unorganized. 

If you want to add a word in between two words, you may put a line on the whole sentence to rewrite it again. Don’t try to do so, instead. You can use the (^) sign in between the two words and add the word to complete the sentence. This will make your sheet look neat and clear. Thus, making it easy for the examiner to understand everything easily. 

However, in writing tasks, you can use pen and pencil according to your preference. Ensure the pencil you are using is perfectly sharpened. Moreover, it is advisable to use a darker pencil than a lighter one. Avoid using pencils that break in between writing. Are you aiming to crack the IELTS exam and for a trainer to train you through online mode? If yes, then you can approach the magnificent institute providing the best PTE online classes.  

●     Regular Practice

Don’t worry if your writing skills are not up-to-the-mark. Just make an effort to practice daily in order to enhance your handwriting skills. It is imperative to spend at least one-hour practising writing on sample exam sheets. This will surely upgrade your handwriting skills to a great extent.

Apart from working upon your handwriting, it is equally important to practice grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and other factors to upgrade your English skills. It is because the speaking section will only test your ability as per all these factors and not on handwriting. If you think that good handwriting will help you clear each and every module, then you are wrong. We understand that writing is important, but your skills in English are extremely important to ace the IELTS exam with flying colours. 


Thus, handwriting plays an important role in the IELTS exam. Handwriting shows a person’s personality, and it is said to be the reflection of the character. Therefore, for acquiring immense success in the IELTS exam, you need to work upon your handwriting. We hope you get some useful information from this article. 

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