How To Use A Punching Bag? Useful Information

How To Use A Punching Bag? Useful Information

Anyone can hit the Punching Bag with a boxing glove. If done correctly, the boxing bag workout is among the most effective exercises for your body and the mind. It’s crucial to learn how to punch the bag safely so you don’t cause injury to yourself during the exercise.

Bag work is an excellent aerobic exercise and an ideal way to relax after a long and tiring day. However, there’s deeper to bag work than what you imagine. This is why we’ve created this tutorial on using punching bags to ensure you make the most of it. We’ve also included exercises for beginners, as well as some useful tips to help start you off.

How To Use A Punching Bag?

If you don’t punch a bag correctly, it’s unwise and can cause severe injuries to your hands and wrists. Your knuckles can swollen, sprain your wrist, or even break your hand if you may not using the right method. Punch bags are large items, and it may recommend to wrap your hands before starting training. If your wrists and hands may not secure properly, it may possible to injure yourself.

As in any exercise or sport, it may important to warm up before beginning. Spend a few minutes hitting the bag and doing a circle to increase the cardiovascular rate and get the blood flowing. It is important to pay attention to your breathing while resting, inhaling through a slow movement and exhaling during exercise. This allows oxygen to circulate throughout your body, allowing it to fuel your muscles.

Hitting The Bag 

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart while keeping your feet in front in the direction of the bag (boxing posture). Place your feet on the ground while throwing your punches, and move around on your feet even when you’re not contemplating your next move. Try throwing various combos, making sure that each punch may well-integrate before the next.

Be sure to strike the bag with powerful and quick strikes. It’s easy to fall into the routine of pushing your bag rather than hitting it. Although your bag may not be able to hit you, you should practice moving your feet and hands back in your position of protection in the quickest time possible.


Punch bags are an excellent method to get used to mixing your combos and throwing punches you may feel less comfortable using on pads or when sparring. Here are some strategies that you can employ to mix things up in a regular session.

You can choose which shots are appropriate for your style. Use your height as a guideline in hitting the bag. Hit higher for headshots, and lower for body shots, tightening your fists to the point of the impact.

Jabs: You should throw a greater number of jabs than you would with any other punch. This is typically the first punch to throw in any combo. The jab may design with your weaker hand and may use to stay away. Jabs can use to get the opponent’s defence. 

Crosses: This is the shot made with your more powerful hand. It should use when you’re certain you’ll be able to hit the target. The cross typically uses more energy because you have to use your legs and your body to make it successfully.

Hook: This must struck using the same hand you hit with. The idea is to go into your opponent’s guard and hit them with the temple or jaw. Your arm is bent slightly when you throw a hook, so you’ll have to adjust your range to suit. 

Uppercut: To use when engaging in close combat An uppercut is in the face of your opponent, so they may not be aware of it.

Kidney strike

This is a hook directed at the opponent’s side and just below your rib cage. It’s difficult to master, as you frequently leave yourself vulnerable to counterattacks. 

Straight-body shot: This will direct towards your solar plexus (the stomach’s pit) using your dominant hand. You’ll have to lean slightly on both legs and be sure to turn your shoulders to increase force.

Over-the-top right: A punch popularized through Mike Tyson, the over-the-top right is thrown directly over the opponent’s head and aiming towards the jaw or the temple. If done correctly, it can consider a deadly shot. Be aware that it is very difficult to get out of balance and is difficult to throw with precision since your opponent is likely to see the shot coming. 

Body kick: This technique is employed frequently throughout Kickboxing and MMA. The body kick is a pivot of your weaker foot and then throw your heavier foot into the rib cage of your opponent. If you don’t throw it in a quick and snap manner, it is possible for your opponents to grab your kick and to counter.

Kick to the front: An additional kick that is used Kickboxing and MMA The front kick may design using your more powerful foot, focusing on your solar plexus. This is a very effective kick that can stun your opponent and stop them from attacking.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang A Punching Bag?

Hang It On a Ceiling Joist

The best way to hang a heavy boxing bag at home to do your boxing exercises is to tie it up to the ceiling joist. Create a hole through the beam of the ceiling joist, and then secure an eye bolt to the hole. Attach the bag with the chain and chain to S-hook. The bag should lift (with assistance from a third party) and then hang the S-hook from the eye bolt. Make a handful of punches to ensure it’s secure.

Attach it to the Ceiling 

Ceiling-mounted punching bag mounts typically come with everything you require to put up the bag in your home. Choose a good spot on your ceiling (ceiling joist or support beam) and then secure the mount to the ceiling so that you can determine where the bolts will go.

In the ceiling, drill holes and use a screwdriver/spanner to attach the mount. Attach the chain to the bag as well as the S-hook. The bag should lift (with the assistance of someone else) to hang the bag from the wall with the hook. Make some test blows to ensure that the mount may secure.

Attach it to the Wall

A punched bag bracket comes with the fittings that you will require to put in your bag in your home. Just make sure you choose a strong wall, not one partitioned. The bracket should position on the wall and draw out the bolts’ locations. Then, drill the holes and fix the bracket using the supplied hardware. Attach the S-hook and bag onto the chain-like before, then place the bag from the wall. Give your bag a few smacks to ensure it’s secure in the right place.

If you don’t find any place to hang a punching bag, you can use it without hanging. Learn here how to use a punching bag without hanging it. 

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