How To Transform A Lazy Kid Into A Fast Learner?

How To Transform A Lazy Kid Into A Fast Learner?

This article looks at the possibilities of how and why a child becomes lazy. A lazy kid can create problems for his parents; teachers may scold parents for not fulfilling their duty as a parent. Laziness can occur because of a lack of sleep, motivation, and encouragement. But parents need not worry; there are measures and steps to transform a lazy kid into a fast learner. 

 Parents can use the following steps to overcome this problem. They are:

 Build a plan for lazy kid

  1. Please keep track of his progress
  2. Provide a study area
  3. Play fun games
  4. Encourage reading
  5. Help your child
  6. Open communications
  7. Appreciate efforts
  8. Understand your kid
  9. Use new methods daily

Lesson Planning

Parents need to ensure that their kid keeps themselves to the assigned task. Therefore, parents are recommended to organize a plan for a lazy kid. Since a kid is lazy, he will make the parents teach him at a steady pace. So, parents do not need to force a kid into learning things he is not interested in. Organize a lesson plan for a lazy kid and keep him occupied. Teach your kid a steady pace and make things interesting so that he gets excited after learning new things.

Provide A Study Area 

Once a kid is familiar with basic teachings at an early age, then parents need to provide a study area to practice the teachings of school at home. This study area should be clean and exciting for a kid. Keep in focus “interest” is a common subject in every step. 

Help your child develop reading skills and a love for reading by filling his world with reading. Read to your child frequently. Have your child read aloud. Create a family reading time where everyone focuses on reading for 20 minutes daily. 

Encourage Reading

This section examines how parents can encourage their kids to learn new things. Encourage your kid not to give up and finish his assigned task. Please encourage your child or student to express his opinion about what’s going on with his education. Create an open atmosphere where he feels comfortable expressing his likes, dislikes, or concerns. Validate his feelings when he shares his opinion, even if you disagree. When children feel their opinion doesn’t matter or are stuck, they will likely disengage from the learning process. Good learners know their opinion matters and feel reassured that they can be open about their educational experience without being judged, discouraged, or ignored.

Play Fun Games

Parents must participate in fun games to transform a lazy kid into a fast learner. Games like ludo, chess, and scrabble will boost a lazy kid’s mind and make him think outside the box in complex problems. Games motivate a kid to learn more, and they will engage him in the learning process more. 

Playing fun games promotes teamwork, and lazy kids try to outwit each other. Game-based learning is suitable for teachers and parents to introduce new vocabulary for kids, letters, and words through animations and cartoons.

Use New Methods

It is recommended that parents should try out new methods daily or weekly to keep a kid intact to learning. Parents should know that in this modern era, moreover there are more effective ways to transform a lazy kid into a fast learner. 

Use apps and websites to teach your kid, and encourage your kid to watch Youtube videos and podcasts about the related topic he has learned. This will increase his knowledge regarding the shapes and formation of letters and words.

Other Ways

This article will provide parents the knowledge of two different apps they can use to teach their kid. These apps are user friendly and knowledgeable. Parents can use these apps with ease and without any hesitation. These apps are also free for a limited time. The apps are:

  1. Vocabulary for kids
  2. Consonant words 

Vocabulary Words App

This app is beneficial for kids ages 2-3. It focuses on improving a kid’s vocabulary with the help of animations and images. This app not only consists of typical speech that bores your children but has eight corresponding with each alphabet. It is available in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. An interesting thing about this app is that it has:

  • Vocabulary words with pictures
  • Vocabulary words with audio
  • Vocabulary words with songs 

After using all the above tools, then kids can relax and enjoy learning new phonetics and vocabulary letters. This app is designed so kids can learn the vocabulary applicable in 4th grade. This will help them be ready earlier to face the challenges in school. The app makes excellent use of that, is great for preschool, and allows the children to enjoy and learn things more freely at home. 


There are certain features that users can gain benefit from upon using these apps. The features are:

  1. Up to 8 vocabulary words for each letter 
  2. Sound Effects of each term and picture 
  3. Four deliberately chosen Fonts for remembering letter sets’ shapes
  4. Available in five languages 
  5. Zero interruption of any UI controls
  6. Toddler-friendly hues
  7. Delicate ambient sounds alternative
  8. High-quality images
  9. Swipe left or right navigation to explore between letters
  10. Background music option 

Consonant Words App

Knowing the consonant vowel, consonant words are the essential steps after learning the alphabet sequence. While building vocabulary and pronunciation builds confidence, the hands-on experience with consonants and vowels boosts confidence, phonetics, writing, and reading skills. 

The time-consuming flashcards and readings will bore a kid and disengage him from blended learning. The consonant words app brings forth the experience of grasping two and three-letter phrases on the go.

 The app is excellent for teaching your kids at home or in the classroom, where it marks an effective way of reinforcing the concepts in their homes. With accessible functions saves from repetitive tasks and keeps your child more engaging than printed sheets. It protects the hassle of fumbling the app and gives your child a one-tap position.

 The app provides a reward system that has a five-star system to achieve forming words. Once your child completes the level, Then a star is given for excelling at the next level. The continuous practice of building words at each level allows your child to be more confident in reading and enhancing writing skills. The app makes perfect use for kindergarten level and is usable at home.


Following are the features of this app that parents can take advantage of:

  1. 14 Categories 84 Essential Words
  2. Teacher Proofread Content
  3. High-Quality Images
  4. Studio Quality Voiceover
  5. Stars for progress tracking
  6. Interactive & Animated 
  7. Clean & Attractive Interface


After reading this article, when parents and teachers can know about the ways and methods they can use to teach a lazy kid. The report also covers how and why the kids become sluggish during the learning phase. Parents hold the utmost responsibility of encouraging their kids to learn and write new things and use technological means to increase their knowledge.