How to overcome the language barrier while negotiating

How to overcome the language barrier while negotiating

Negotiation is often a complicated process, even when both parties speak the same language. And when people speak a different language there is even greater space for misunderstandings. Negotiation takes place on different levels almost daily in our lives. However, in cases where the success of your business depends on successful negotiation, you’ll have to hire an interpreter. If you are negotiating via messages, you can use NEEO Messenger, the real-time chat translation app. English is most commonly used for international business but if both parties are not well versed in the language serious misunderstandings can take place.

The chat messenger app has a feature that can translate text and audio messages into more than a hundred languages. Participants can get confused and use words that portray a different meaning from what they intended to say. The negotiation will also take a longer time due to language barriers. To save time and effort hire an interpreter at the beginning of the negotiation process. Go through the following guidelines to make your process of negotiation successful despite language barriers:

  1. Check the ratings before hiring:

Hire your interpreter instead of depending on one hired by the other party. You can’t know for sure if the interpreter is being completely honest with you. While hiring an interpreter, check her experience and ratings. Appoint someone experienced for the task so there’s no ambiguity.

  1. Take your interpreter into confidence:

You will have to take your interpreter into confidence, share what you intend to do and how you plan on doing it. Your interpreter may be experienced but no situation is the same so you’ll still need to explain what you have in mind. You need to form a strong bond with your interpreter and be on the same wavelength before your start negotiating.

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  1. Make sure there is no conflict of interest:

When you find an interpreter who seems fit for the task, don’t be hasty in hiring him. Do a thorough background check to see you have no conflict of interest with this person. Only give away information that is relevant and necessary for the negotiation. Do not give away information that can be used against you in case the interpreter tries to take control of the negotiations for his own benefit.

  1. Speak sentences with clarity and precision:

Keep your sentences clear and short so the interpreter does not have a hard time translating. If you go on talking without a pause the interpreter will have a tough time first trying to remember everything you said and then translating it using the appropriate words. Speak with pauses and breaks so your interpreter can translate your words more accurately.

  1. Be open to ideas:

Experienced interpreters have a lot of knowledge in different departments. When you share your plan they might give you some valuable input based on previous experiences. Share your ideas with your interpreter and be open to his ideas too. Have informal conversations via your chat messenger app and encourage him to talk about the work he has done previously. You can get useful information by being a good listener.

  1. Pick someone you’re comfortable with:

Pick an interpreter you feel comfortable with. Expertise and experience matter but the personality should click well with yours. If this person seems too rigid he might not be able to understand your point of view. As a result, the way he translates your words might give a different meaning to the context.

  1. Negotiate via messages:

If you have the liberty to negotiate in messages then use a chat translation app. This will save time, effort, and the money you’d have to pay to hire a professional interpreter. NEEO Messenger’s real-time chat translation feature instantly translates audio and text messages. It can even translate documents into other languages. Negotiating via messages will give you more time to think before you respond.

As much as you want to, you can’t expect people to say ‘Yes’ to all your demands right away. You have to make an effort to convince them and the sooner you learn the art of negotiation, the more successful you’ll be in life. Negotiating in a different language can be difficult but it isn’t impossible. When you’re doing business on an international scale you’re bound to come across people who speak a different language.

But you can’t let language barriers get in your way of success so hire a professional interpreter and download a chat translation app. NEEO Messenger is a chat messenger app with an amazing chat translation feature. Once you have the app you can befriend NEEO users from across the globe and easily converse with them through messages.