How to Make the DeSmuME Run Faster [Easy Guide]

How to Make the DeSmuME Run Faster [Easy Guide]

The Desmume Run Faster is a free and open-source emulator and is compatible with the Nintendo Wii, Mac OS X, Windows, AmigaOS 4, and Linux operating systems. It can emulate a wide variety of Nintendo DS ROMS and demonstrations. The emulator is not so perfect and is still in its early phases of development, but it is capable of emulating a large number of ROMs. 

Emulators work as+, DeSmuME emulator is one of them that prioritizes game compatibility over performance, hence making it a favorite emulator for gamers. For gamers, it becomes very necessary to boost up the speed of DeSmuME as it will make their game more advanced and smooth. 

Microscopic support, mouthpiece support, automated program save-type identification, display characteristics such as multiple differentiated presentation windows, the ability to adjust the display orientation game replays, display rotation, gap imitation, and numerous filters to enhance video quality are just a few of Desmume Run Faster capabilities.

So, to experience all such great features and in order to get appropriate and easy gaming, you need to ensure that your emulator runs faster. We will help you with it in the following article. 

Let us see some effective steps through which you can boost your emulator’s speed.

Step-by-Step Guide for Boosting Speed

Below given are some effective steps to increase the speed of your emulator.

Try “A” Function

Go to “Settings” and press “A”, now toggle between OpenGL Renderer and Software Rasterizer. This will help in improving the speed of the emulator. 

Go to  “Config” and Press “A”, now go to “Emulation Settings” and deselect the checkbox next to “Enable Bus-Level Timing.”

Try to avoid using BIOS Image

BIOS images are one of the main reasons for the slowing down of the DeSmuME emulator. Hence, it is not advisable to use a BIOS image as it will hinder your pace. Still, if you want to use an external BIOS image, then first enable “Patch DelayLoop SWI” and then use it.

Configure the Sound settings

Go to the “Sound Settings” and select the “Dual SPU.” Selecting Dual SPU proves to be an effective and perfect choice, as it will boost the speed of DeSmuME. Refrain using the “Advanced SPU Logic” and change the setting to “none” from “interpolation”. Altering Sound settings and switching them off together will help in boosting the speed of the emulator. 

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Allow Frame-skipping

One of the effective ways to increase the speed of the emulator is to set the Frame-skip. For this, go to the Devices tab and choose Frameskipping. Choose Frameskipping and set it to 1-3, this will help in giving access to the majority of the games to play.  

You can set the limit of Frameskipping up to 5-6 but it is not advisable as it will get messier.

Select “LCDs Layout” and “One LCD” from the “View” menu. The succeeding LCD will be hidden as a result of this. If nothing is displayed on the subsequent LCD panel, this is useful. All things considered, it will not improve the emulator’s speed. Avoid changing the channel sizes or scaling the window to anything other than “1x.”

Use original DeSmuME tools

The best option for better enhancing the speed of the emulator is to adopt the tools from the official site of DeSmuME. Also, DeSmuME products are more reliable and are of high quality than other unofficial SVN builds. Ultimately, other unofficial builds slow down the speed of the system. 

Refrain using Notebooks

Notebooks come with a number of useful features and characteristics, and that too with a low price. It is widely popular among users, but for gaming users, notebooks are a big turnoff. The reason behind notebooks being turnoff is that it doesn’t let you access the DeSmuME emulator. 

Disable the system’s power management when you are using a laptop or notebook computer. 

Also, it is advisable to use upgraded CPU and RAM cards. This will help in boosting the speed of your system and emulator. 

Use the TAB key function

Though using a TAB key is not a proven effective solution, sometimes it works when there is a minor issue with the speed. If your emulator starts showing disturbances, try pressing the TAB key or Space Bar. Thus, it may solve your hindrance and boost the speed of your game. 


In this post, all we have seen is the issue regarding the slow speed of Desmume Run Faster. And, how we can handily solve it with some easy and quick methods. If you are a gamer enthusiast and want to excel in your game, boost your emulator speed with the help of this article.