How to entertain a relative with chat messenger app from abroad

How to entertain a relative with chat messenger app from abroad

When young, we don’t have to worry about entertaining guests because our parents manage everything. We only have to smile and be generous with our toys, among other belongings. But as you grow older, you realize that entertaining guests is a serious matter that can even get stressful at times. Some relatives are easygoing and know how to make themselves feel at home with chat messenger app, while some expect you stay formal with them.

However, if you’ve never had guests coming over from abroad, you might need a little help from friends or family. Use your chat messenger app to get in touch with your closest contact who knows more about the city than you do. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that helps you find popular places near home. Given below are some tips to help entertain your guest without getting panicky or anxious:

  1. Don’t feel embarrassed:

You are doing your relative a favor by letting them stay at your place. Your house is not a five-star hotel, and the person coming over knows that. So you don’t have to worry about making everything seem perfect. If you, for instance, don’t have a geyser for boiling water, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. Give your guest an electric kettle to use when they want to boil some water for bathing. It’s your responsibility to make your guest feel comfortable, but you don’t compromise your comfort in the process.

  1. Explore several options:

Make an itinerary for all the places you plan to visit and all the things you plan to do. But don’t be too rigid with your plans. If you can’t make it to one place on the list, go for another one. Planning is necessary, but your plan for the future shouldn’t come in the way of your present. Keep yourself flexible and give your relative the asurity that all is going well.

  1. Let him keep his privacy:

Your relative could be someone you’ve known for a very long time. If this person was very close to you, but lost touch for some reason, don’t probe into his life too much. If, for instance, he seems depressed and has grown physically weak, don’t tell him this and ask him the reason for it directly. Use your chatting app to get in touch with another family member and address your concerns. Ask if there’s something you should know about your relative so you can help out in some way.

  1. Make her home-cooked food:

Your relative might not tell you out of courtesy, but there will be times when she feels homesick. You need to listen and observe and you’ll know when this phase occurs. And whenever it does, you can comfort this person by letting them experience something familiar. For instance, you might sense your relative losing her appetite, after having fancy food for over a week. Ask if she misses home-cooked food and if she agrees then get together and cook what she used to eat at home.

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  1. Continue engaging in routine activities:

When you have a guest at home, you feel like you’re solely responsible for his food, security, and entertainment, among other things. If the guest is planning to stay with you for a week, then you should take special time out to take him around. However, if the guest plans to stay with you for a month or more, don’t take leave from work or cancel other essential activities. For instance, continue going to the gym after work, without feeling guilty about leaving your guest alone at home. You can invite him to join you but if he doesn’t seem interested let him do his own thing.

  1. Introduce your guest to your friends:

Your relative could lose her mind if her social life is limited to interaction with you alone. If she plans on staying for a couple of months, introduce her to some of your friends and neighbors. Use your chat messenger app to get in touch with your closest friends, the people you trust and can depend on. Tell them to look out for your relative in case you have to work till late or are busy elsewhere. Take your relative to fun gatherings where she gets to interact with interesting people in a safe space.

When your relative comes to visit you, think of it as having a roommate for a couple of days or weeks. Be honest about your financial situation so your relative has a clear picture and doesn’t keep unrealistic expectations. Be as courteous as you can but you don’t have to do his laundry for him. Show him where you do yours so he can wash his clothes himself.

Use your chatting app to stay in touch with your guest, even while you’re at work. NEEO Messenger is a chat messenger app that lets you make free-of-cost calls to people from around the world. Tell your friends and relatives to download the app and start making free calls!