How to Draw Steven Universe – Allow contact to be formed! Stages

How to Draw Steven Universe – Allow contact to be formed! Stages

How to Draw Steven Universe

Draw Steven Universe in just 6 straightforward measures! Steven Universe is one of the numerous prevalent funnies of current years. Millions of someones modify to watch the symbols’ exhilarating experiences and pushing junctures in this witty comic. The series’ main character is Steven, who is cheerful and generous. cartoon drawing

If you are a fan of the series, it can be fun to learn how to draw Steven Universe to imagine your adventures! If you want to learn how to do it yourself, you’ve come to the right guide! This step-by-step manual on removing Steven Universe in only 6 easy actions will deliver everything you should learn to withdraw this loving feeling.

 How to draw Steven Universe – Allow contact to be formed!

Stage 1

In this step of our focus on removing Steven Universe, we will begin with his chair. Steven’s total body is typically created up of many round stripes, which is the issue with his skull and coat. First, we’ll draw a rounded shape for his forehead, then a larger one for the chin below him. So you can use big jagged lines on the head for his curly hair. Then you can use two small, round, flat shapes for his eyebrows. This will complete this first step, and now we are ready to continue!

Step 2: Draw Steven’s relatively wealthy waistline in this step

Now that you have completed the outline of the head of your Steven Universe drawing, we will start drawing the body of it now. You can use straight lines for his short sleeve and then extend his arm. A few simple curved lines will make his fingers, and then you can use another rounded bar for his belly. With that first arm done, you’ve completed the second step!

Step 3: Currently remove his facial features and additional elements.

We will return to the face area for this step of our guide on how to draw Steven Universe. His eyes are marked with two oval shapes with large black pupils. Then his nose is removed with a minor stroke and two points. Finally, his smiling mouth will be drawn with a round shape with lines drawn inside for his teeth.

This will finish his face, and we can draw more of the body. First, you can remove another arm that extends out, which will look much like the one you just made. Finally, you can draw the big star on his shirt and remove his back and the top of his jeans.

Step 4: Next, remove his portions.

For the next part of your Steven Universe drawing, we’ll draw his legs before adding the final details in the next step. The left leg will be marked with curved lines to show it is in the air. Next, the right leg will be drawn with more straight lines that are slightly curved. Then you are willing to carry on to foot 5!

Step 5: Now, you can remove his paws and the last parts.

In this part of our guide on how to draw Steven Universe, we will outline his feet and add any additional information or elements you want. First, he’ll use the sandals he wears on the TV show for his feet. Then there will be a thin base under the sandals. This will complete the Steven Universe drawing, but you don’t need to move on just yet!

Before you start colouring your image, you can also edit the details and elements first. Some ideas of what you could do might include changing her pose or drawing objects and props that she can interact with. You can also remove an excellent background, which would be a great way to recreate your favourite scene or setting from the show. How will you finish this drawing with your details?

Step 6: End your picture of Steven Universe with some colouring.

This brings you to the final step of your Steven Universe drawing, and this one is fun! In the series, Steven has quite a different colour palette. His shirt is pink with a yellow star and has shades of blue for his pants. His hair is also black, as shown in our example. We use these colours.

Your Steven Universe Drawing is Finished!

With the last pieces, stains and reserves exhausted, you have finished this step-by-step manual on how to draw Steven Universe! We hope you had a lot of fun operating with us on this principle and playing this great character. Now you can show us what you can do by counting your contacts to the image. We have periodic concepts you could go for earlier in the order, and we will be highly curious to see what else you can believe! We have numerous more fantastical directories on our website for you to appreciate! Be infallible to dwell usually to acquire the recent suggestions we upload continually.