How to draw a cartoon tooth – Drawing For Kids

How to draw a cartoon tooth – Drawing For Kids

How to draw a cartoon tooth. Our teeth are essential, and caring for them is just as important. They help us chew our food and give us brighter smiles, but if left unattended, they can become a headache! It is why it is essential to ensure that they are cleaned frequently so that trips to the dreaded dentist are less frequent. They can also be fun, and learning to draw a cartoon tooth can be a great experience!

It is precisely what we will do throughout this guide you have in front of you! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Cartoon Tooth

Step 1:

The teeth have a very particular shape when seen outside the gums! They have a rounded top that helps grind food, with pointed parts at the base that reaches into the gums. We will describe this shape in this guide on drawing a cartoon tooth, but it will be a little stylized process to this form.

As you can see in our sample picture, we will use many curved and rounded lines to draw this tooth outline, which will be valid even for the two conical parts. We’ll leave some space on the right side because that’s where an arm will go later.

Step 2:

We mentioned a few arms in the previous step of this cartoon tooth drawing, and we’ll start adding them in this step. It’s nice that natural teeth don’t have any, but they make this one so much more fun! The right arm will have curved lines for the component itself.

Next, we’ll use a few more curved lines for the thumb that extends upwards, and then we’ll use small oval shapes for the curved fingers. The left arm will be somewhat similar but longer than the right one. There will also be a small gap left at the base of the fist for an item we will add later.

Step 3:

This tooth would be part of a dazzling smile, and he has one on his face! It is what we will draw on in the next step of this guide. First, draw a long curved horizontal line for the top of the smiley mouth. It will have a shorter curved line per corner. Use another curved line reaching down from the right junction of this line for the base trim of the mouth.

Once these aspects have been drawn, we will add some teeth and a tongue inside the mouth. These can be drawn using simple rounded lines, as shown in the reference image. So, let’s go for step 4!

Step 4:

For this fourth step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon tooth, we’ll add the rest of the smiley face. It means adding the eyes and other facial features, and we’ll start with the eyes. These can be drawn using oval shapes with small curved lines at the base.

Then we’ll add another smaller oval inside each, with an even smaller black oval inside each smaller one. Next, we’ll finish her facial expression with eyebrows. These will be rounded on the inside corners and have pointed ends on the outside corners. Then we’ll be ready to finish this cartoon tooth in the fifth step of the guide!

Step 5:

We will add a toothbrush to this composition to remind you of good dental care! He’ll be holding a giant toothbrush in his left hand, filling the space you left in his fist. The toothbrush has a relatively simple drawing, as it is drawn using straight and slightly curved lines. You can add the hair section at the end, which will be roughly rectangular with lots of line detail on the sides.

That’s it; your drawing is done! Before moving on to the final step, you can add additional details. You can draw a background or add images of tooth-related objects on the floor. What else can you think of?

Step 6:

This final step will be to finish this cute cartoon tooth drawing with some color! For the tooth itself, you’ll see we’ve used different shades of light gray and white for the “body” of the tooth. The eyes are a soft blue; then, we added a nice touch of toothbrush color by using red for the handle. We chose these colors, but feel free to choose other color options you like!

Do this to bring your tooth drawing even better.

Take a bite out of these fun tricks we have for your cartoon tooth sketch to make it even better! This picture of a funny tooth we made in this direction offers just one type of tooth. You could give him friends by drawing similar cartoon versions of other teeth. For example, you can draw sharp incisors. You can research other types of teeth and then use them as inspiration for different cartoon teeth drawing. How many tooth types would you like to include in this image? Another fun surface method you could count to this picture would be one seen on a line of toothpaste. This character could be standing next to the tooth from the cartoon.

You can even use the toothpaste you use daily for a personal touch. It would be challenging but fun for this drawing! What is some fun poses you could use for this toothpaste tube character if you added him? Based on our tip above, there are some art mediums you can use to represent the toothpaste we mentioned.

Tooth Drawing

For example, you can use a thick coat of paint from the toothpaste tube. Acrylic or even oil paint would work for this. It would take longer to dry, but it would look like toothpaste coming out of the tube!

Can you think of any other ways you could use to improve these cartoon teeth drawing? We think this cartoon tooth sketch would be perfect for a poster drawing! Instead, you would require a large amount of writing or cardboard. Then you can add the drawing and any extras you want. Another fun contact would be to count a saying or word to the sign. It could be a slogan that reminds anyone who sees the image to brush their teeth often. What sound currency could you use?

Your cartoon teeth drawing is complete!

That concludes the 6 steps in this guide on how to draw a cartoon tooth! Drawings like these aren’t always easy to make, which makes them daunting! We hope this guide has shown you that following a few steps can be fun and easy. Now you can take control and show off what you can do with your stunning details! These and your color options can add a personal touch to your drawing.

If you had fun with this guide, there’s more to enjoy on our website! You’ll find many more awesome drawing guides there, and more are coming soon. We’d love to see how you finished these cartoon teeth drawing, so share your artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!

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