How To Design A Product Page: The Ultimate Guide

How To Design A Product Page: The Ultimate Guide

Every company has a designated product page that helps them sell its products and services. The products pages are designed to provide information and also to persuade. This will lead to the customer clicking the “Add to Cart” button. This is why people should design their product page in the best way possible.

The designs that you choose should be more strategic and appealing than usual. You have to make sure that the product is off the screen and in your customers’ hands. In this article, you will learn about the right ways to design your product page. These points should be considered by every business owner who wants to sell their products online.

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But before you start choosing the design and placement of the images and content, you must know the goals of a product page.

In simple terms, the product pages of websites are designed and created to attract customers and sell your products to them. But to reach that goal, there are plenty of other things as well that the product pages do, they are:

• It shows the visitor what all products you sell and how they look. It also shows the price of the product they are selling and its function.

• First purchase of your customer from your website builds their trust in your company. This is the reason why the product page of your company should be easy to use and must clear all the doubts of your customers and clients.

• The product pages use media and content to provide customers with a real shopping experience through a digital platform.

• Product pages also provide customers with all the information about the product and help them choose better.

Product Page Content

The Content of a product page is extremely important if your goal is to gain more customers and sell your products faster and easier. You need to make sure that the customer keeps scrolling your page and reaches the bottom to select the “Add to cart” option and “proceed to checkout.”

You should be careful about certain sections and provide important information about your products and services. Some of the points that you should keep in mind while writing or choosing a product page content are:

• Header: The first thing that your customers notice is the header. You should keep it simple with the navigation menu and the brand logo or business tagline. Most of the standard websites follow this style. Some companies and brands also choose the minimized version of the navigation menu by simply placing an icon on the top.

• Description Of The Product: This is a vital part of the product page. The reason is that the customers get all the information related to the product here. This section contains the price, product name, specifications and reviews of your previous customers. After customers read this section, they choose whether they want your company’s product.

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• Images Of The Product: You cannot ignore this crucial point. You need to paste multiple images of the product from different angles so that your customer gets a basic idea about how the product looks in real life. Also, if the product is available in different models or colours, make sure that you mention that.

• CTA Button: CTA is also known as the call to action button. This button takes the customers to the purchase page. You should always place the button somewhere in the place where it is visible.

How To Design Product Page?

The product page contents and designs depend on the nature and type of the service or product you offer to your customers and clients. There is a wide difference between physical and digital products. The physical products have some demerits in the digital platform. Your goals should be to create a product page that replaces the demerits with merits and reduces the digital and reality gap.

You need to ensure that your customers get a real shopping experience on a digital platform. This is why you need to put more resources such as detailed information and specification of the products, media and images, return policies, and highlight the terms and conditions.

If you are a company that sells products like wines, soaps and candles or any kind of fragrance that relies on non-visual senses, you should give more importance to the descriptions. The reason is that customers buy these products based on their personal choice or taste. You need to create some onboard quizzes for your customers to feel that the page is made for them. These techniques will force them to stay on your page and then choose the product they like and prefer to use.

Digital products, on the other hand, can not be displayed online as they cannot be photographed. Therefore, be specific about the services you provide in the description and provide the price you charge for the service.

Product Page Design Best Practices

After we have learned how the product pages work, we now learn some design tips and tricks.

Product Page Design Software

The process of product page designing starts by selecting the important and necessary features for your website. Most website designers use pen and paper sketches to create an idea about designing the website. They think about how to place the product page elements to look appealing to the customers visiting the page. This is just a skeletal representation or structure of the web page. After selecting the features and knowing where to place what, choose the software.

You create a sophisticated and professional mock-up. You can use Figma or Sketch. These are some prototyping apps available online. These apps give you the perfect picture of what your webpage will look like when it is done. To create an interactive prototype, you can use InvisionApp. This helps to speed up the process of testing the website.

One of the benefits of choosing these apps is that it helps the design solely focus on the user’s experience when they visit the website. These also help you to create designs that are original and unique. If you want to have more creative textures, designs and animations, you need other software like After Effects and Photoshop.

Template And Layout

An e-commerce website usually sells different types of products that link to the product page of each product that is not feasible. Most designers choose to get layouts and product page templates for different product pages that help display all products in the best way possible.

The design based on layouts and templates needs a lot of planning. The copywriters and marketers commit to a consistent number of feature lists, images, testimonials, questions and answers and much more for all the products. Also, the product page templates do not always have to be 100% the same. For instance, if all your products have a different colour, you can choose a different colour scheme for the page to match the product.

You can also choose a dynamic website design and layout with different background images and amazing colour schemes for the products. Create a web page that looks fresh and clean using templates and layouts that are creative and classy at the same time.

There are plenty of other things you should consider when looking for designs for your website. Weblinkindia is the best page to visit to know more about product page designs. A professional web designer will help you choose the designs better and enhance your customers’ overall experience online. Therefore choose to deal with the best companies that offer web designing services in Delhi and enjoy amazing features and services.