How To Create a Winning Fantasy Cricket Team

How To Create a Winning Fantasy Cricket Team

Fantasy Cricket is the fastest-growing segment of the Fantasy Sports industry and it keeps evolving with time. What has been the catalyst for such exponential growth of the Fantasy Sports Platform? Royal11 has played an important role in boosting the interest in cricket with exclusive UI/UX designs and live playing experience. Team Creation is indeed one of the most difficult tasks and decisions a fantasy user has to take while playing Fantasy cricket.

We got your back, don’t juggle and struggle, we got you some quirky trips to create your playing XI to win a Fantasy Cricket contest. 

Even legendary players go through a lot of bad form days, so never run behind the reputation and popularity of players. Do the research and pick players based on their recent form. Also, some players will have an affinity for specific opponents or venues, so don’t forget to consider that. Choose a player who has been constantly in form and ignore the players who are trying to get there. 

Besides this, for each cricket format, the performance of the player differs. Like, if the player is good at playing T20, he might not be able to ace the game of ODI. 

  • Team Balance is the Key

Team balance is the key to the door to winning Mega Cricket Contests. Choose a minimum of three batters and bowlers, including one all-rounder and wicketkeeper to the team. The number of players included on the team depends on the pitch conditions, like Bowling friendly conditions, all-rounders who bat lower down the order are most likely to both bat and ball well. Also, ensure that your team has a strong batting lineup to deal with any unfortunate conditions. 

  • Pick top-order batsmen

Whether it is a T20 or ODI game format, the most number of balls are faced by the top 4 batsmen. If you want your fantasy team to begin with a bang, choose the top-order batsmen for the initial innings. They will pick up the game and set a benchmark. Along with openers, No. 3 and 4 batsmen also help you stay on the ground for a longer time. Choose the top-order batsmen wisely. 

  • Choose wicket-taking bowlers

Bowlers are equally important in a balanced team. However, the importance of bowlers is slightly different on Fantasy Sports Platform compared to the real game. On the ground, a team tends to choose a bowler who gives minimum runs, whether he can take more wickets or not. While in fantasy cricket leagues, you should go for a bowler who can take 3 wickets, even if the player ends up offering 40 runs to the batsman. Breaking partnership works wonders and reduces the scoring rate. Analyse bowlers’ strike rates before creating a team. 

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  • All-Rounders and Wicketkeeper

All-rounders are like insurance policies for your team. When your batters and bowlers don’t work, then your playing XI can rely on all-rounders to save you from both the batting and bowling end. These players can change the game 360 degrees with their both batting and bowling skills. In modern game time, a wicketkeeper is considered an all-rounder. Perspective of hiring an all-rounder has completely changed, now organisations not only want a safe pair of gloves, but someone who can play multiple roles at a time. Moreover, a wicketkeeper gets some additional points for his performance on the field. 

  •  X-factor picks

No matter how different combinations any fantasy cricket user tries, there are high chances of at least 2 or 3 players being common to the opponents team. So, it is not necessary to hold on to the same common names, but hiring some uncapped players can change the whole game upside-down.

As much as you are considering the professional players, don’t forget to test some new and raw talent to boost your winning chances on the platform.

  • Practice More

Don’t be constrained by the strategies and tricks of team creation. Follow the hit and trial method, it will help you learn from your mistakes and gain experience. Practice will make you perfect and also guide you to avoid basic mistakes which can have a huge effect on your gameplay.


Creating a PlayingXI is not as tough as Rocket Science, but it equally demands research and knowledge to create a potential team on Royal11. Your team is one of the reasons that decides what your chances of winning a Mega Cricket Contest are. Hope the above tips will help you ace the game.