How to Choose the Best Custom Juice Bottle Labels

How to Choose the Best Custom Juice Bottle Labels

How to Choose the Best Custom Juice Bottle Labels

Custom juice bottle labels are an excellent choice for juice packaging. They’re easy to design, have a quick turnaround time, and are moisture-resistant. But, how do you choose the best option? Here are some tips. These labels are great for juice companies, but also for home use. Use them to promote your brand.

Easy to design

Juice bottle labels should be easy to read and attractive. While attention-grabbing artwork is important, they should also allow enough room for the important information. Before starting your design process, make sure to know the dimensions of your bottle and packaging. You don’t want a label that’s too small, or too big, and neither will the buyers. Measure the width and height of your bottle, and take into account any bumps or ridges that might affect your design.

Choose a design that reflects your brand personality. Juice bottles are often stored in cool or moist environments, so choose a material that won’t fade in the environment. You should also choose a label that’s durable enough to last the product’s life cycle. After all, a peeling label can make your product look cheap.

Fast turnaround

If you’re interested in a fast turnaround on custom juice bottle labels, you’re in luck. Not only will you be able to get a custom label quickly, but you’ll also have access to a variety of options, including different shapes and sizes. With the right graphics, your juice bottle will be able to stand out on the shelf and be memorable.

Before you begin the design process, you’ll want to measure your packaging. A label that is too small won’t be able to be read by customers, while a label that’s too large will be difficult to fit onto the packaging. You’ll also need to make sure the label’s height and width are the right size for the entire surface. You’ll also need to account for any bumps or edges in the packaging.

Wide variety of colors

Juice bottle labels come in a variety of colors. These labels are often made of film, but some are also made of paper, allowing for a more subtle color scheme. Paper-based labels can also be laminated for use in damp environments. Often the labels on juice bottles are the first chance a brand has to make a lasting impression on its customers. They can include information on the process of making the juice, the health benefits, or even a story about how the brand came to be.
Custom juice bottle labels are best when they contain original graphics. This makes them more eye-catching than generic designs. Unique artwork can help juice bottles stand out in a crowd. PrintRunner offers a simple online process to design and order a custom label. Simply identify the shape and format of your label in the product calculator, then choose the type of label you want.

Resistant to moisture

If your customers are likely to be storing your juice in a cool, moist environment, you’ll want to select a label material that is resistant to moisture. Not only should the label material be durable enough to withstand typical refrigerated storage conditions, it should also look good over the product’s lifespan. If your label peels off quickly, it could give your brand an unprofessional appearance.
Custom juice bottle labels that are resistant to moisture are a great choice for this type of product. In order to avoid deterioration caused by moisture, you need to choose a label material that is resistant to moisture and cold. Paper labels that become soggy can peel and discolor if exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.

Environmentally friendly

If you’re planning to sell juice bottles, you’ll want to consider environmental factors when selecting the design of your label. The label should be easy to read and contain adequate space for important information. Consider the material used for the label, as well. For instance, the materials used for juice labels should be resistant to moisture, and the label should also look good over the entire product life cycle.
If the bottle is going to be displayed on store shelves, a clear label is a great choice. It allows the color of the juice to be clearly displayed.

How to Create Custom Juice Bottle Labels

If you’re looking to create custom juice bottle labels, there are a number of factors you should consider. These include fast turnaround time, unique design, and variety of colors. Make sure you know exactly what you want before you start designing. You should also consider whether you need a wraparound label, in which case you should measure the entire surface of the packaging and make adjustments accordingly.

Unique Design

There are several ways to create an eye-catching, unique design for juice bottle labels. One method is to incorporate pictures. Pictures help tell stories and can create a connection between the consumer and the brand. A great graphic design makes the product look great, and a good photo will help build a relationship with the customer over time. Using photos for juice bottle labels is becoming increasingly popular. Photographs can show real people or objects, which will make the product stand out and become memorable.

Fast Turnaround Time

Getting custom juice bottle labels can be a simple process when you work with a reputable labeling company. The design process starts with knowing the exact dimensions of your juice bottle. You don’t want to waste time designing a label that’s too small or too big. Ideally, your labels should be large enough to be seen by potential buyers. Also, make sure to measure the entire packaging surface. Take into account any bumps or ridges that may affect the labeling process.

Wide Variety Of Colors

Juice labels that feature original graphics are more appealing to consumers. Original artwork on a label can help the beverage stand out among competitors. The process of ordering custom labels from PrintRunner is straightforward. Using the product calculator, customers can determine what type of label they need, including the format and shape. Custom shape labels are also available.


Waterproof juice bottle labels come in handy when you want to protect your juice bottles from moisture and condensation. These labels are made of BOPP film and are very durable. Some labels are laminated to prevent them from fading and to ensure a clean, shiny finish. Label printing companies like Atlanta Label can help you choose the right type of label for your packaging needs.

Resistant To Moisture

When creating custom juice bottle labels, you want to choose materials that are resistant to moisture. This type of material is ideal for juice bottles because they will likely be stored in cool or moist environments. You will also want to choose a label material that will last throughout the life of the product. If it peels off too quickly, customers may think your brand is cheap.


Custom juice bottle labels should be made from materials that will last a long time. Using cheap, paper-based labels can result in labels that peel off too easily or tear. These labels will not only look unprofessional but can also make a poor impression on your product.

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