How To Bring Romance Back Into Your Married Life?

How To Bring Romance Back Into Your Married Life?

The strange thing about romantic feelings is, they seem to have a very temporary nature. Surely a lot of people can relate to this! Of course, there were Romeo and Juliet, but they didn’t get the ending they desired, which is probably why their romance stayed alive. On the other hand, many people who seem to be madly in love with each other unite in matrimony, their feelings of romance seem to flee after the first few years. Why does this happen? You can use your chat messenger app to conduct research on the couples in your close circle. Check to see who is completely happy in their marriage. You’ll be lucky to find even one, wholly satisfied couple. But this shouldn’t make you lose hope for your relationship. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that has several fun features to spruce up a conversation. If you’re starting to feel your marriage is just a contract on paper, it’s about time you make an active effort to revive the romance in your relationship. The tips given below can help you bring romance back into your married life:

  1. Show affection consistently:

When you’re still single, but like someone, you look for little windows to communicate with them. And when you start going out you can’t help but flirt with your partner. Sadly, a couple of years after marriage, couples stop flirting with each other, possibly because they don’t feel the need to impress each other. However, something as simple as flirting with your spouse can help you revive the spark in your marriage. The great thing is, since you get to see your spouse daily, you have more opportunities to flirt with him. You can even send flirty messages on your chat messenger app or a flirty voice note.

  1. Respond at the right time through chatting app:

Romance often goes missing from our married lives due to a lack of emotional intimacy. When you stop feeling emotionally connected through chatting app to your partner you don’t feel like getting physically intimate with them. In most relationships, there’s always one partner who has greater emotional needs than his counterpart. And unless those needs are met, there is little satisfaction in physical intimacy. Try to work on your communication with your partner. If your spouse likes to talk, give her time, listen to her and give validation. Appreciate her for what she does, and your bond will grow stronger.

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  1. Dedicate a time of the day to each other:

For couples, just being able to see each other every day isn’t good enough. If you’re good with that then don’t complain about your wife bickering and nagging you all the time. Obviously, you’re not fulfilling her emotional needs! The same things apply to men who want to spend quality time with their partners. Dedicate at least two hours of the day completely to your spouse and do something, you both love. You can sit together and enjoy a season, or movie, sing songs or even dance together since that’ll trigger your happy hormones. If you have kids, try to make time for each other once the kids are asleep.

  1. Maintain a little privacy through chatting app:

A lack of mystery is also why some partners become blasé after getting married. They become overfamiliar with each other which takes some of the flavors away from their relationship. For example, even if you have to share one toilet, you don’t have to use it at the same time too! Sometimes you obviously can’t help it but try not to fart in front of your spouse because that’s a major put-off! Don’t be too blunt with your feelings and thoughts and make him work a little harder to guess what’s on your mind. That way he’ll feel more attracted to you.

  1. Make an effort to look good:

It may sound superficial but it’s a fact, if you want your partner to feel romantically inclined toward you, you need to make an effort to look good. This applies to both partners. Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean putting on make-up or doing your hair perfectly, but is more about staying fit and looking fresh. You can look good even in a t-shirt and pajamas if you’ve got a nice figure and glowing skin. Men should stay fit, smell nice and shave regularly if they want their wives to stay attracted to them. Use your chatting app to search for easy tips on how to look good in your most casual outfit.

A lot of things go into the background after marriage, but the expectations keep growing. In a marriage, there are many practical and financial expectations, which if not met, can even lead to divorce. Materialistic demands, not blown out of proportion, also count for making a marriage successful. And by basics, we’re not just talking about food, shelter, and clothes. Use your chat messenger app to plan at least one fun outing with your spouse every week. And be mindful of the fact that the destination should involve the choice of both partners. Taking your wife out to meet your mother might not be her idea of an outing. It’s also important to take trips out of the city or country together.

If financial issues are holding you back from fulfilling small pleasures in life, then both partners should work, earn and start saving up. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app with a Nearby feature that can help you find interesting places near you that you haven’t been to already. Exploring new and exciting places with your spouse should rank high on your priority list!