How to Become a WordPress Web Designer in 2022?

How to Become a WordPress Web Designer in 2022?

WordPress scales very well alongside your skills. You can easily make a successful site with the platform. To become a WordPress web developer in a new era, you need to adopt new methodologies. However, that doesn’t mean you need some recent sort of skills. Your preexisting knowledge is enough to get you started with web designing in WordPress.

This article will tell you how to become a WordPress developer in 2022 by staying competitive and relevant. Apart from your preexisting knowledge of web design, the following are the things that will help you become a relevant WordPress web designer in 2022.

7 Tips to Become a WordPress Web Designer

1- Skills Required

You need to be well-versed in specific skills to become a WordPress web designer. You must know the following abilities Visual Design, user experience HTML and CSS, Photoshop, illustrator, SEO (search engine optimization), etc.

Having these skills is essential to becoming a professional in this line of work. Moreover, you also need to have a creative and technical background. To become a WordPress web designer, you need to make the site functional and appealing to visitors.

WordPress designers might also need to write and edit content or solve code problems. From designing a website’s layout to working on SEO, WordPress designers never get bored.


SEO Skills are essential for any WordPress web designer to have. This skill is necessary for ranking your website high on the Google search page. SEO significantly affects the website’s presence on search engines. The website you are designing needs to fully SEO optimize to rank well.

Web design is half the job. After getting done with the website’s visuals, get started with making it pretty for Google as well. Which means optimizing it with Google’s rules and algorithms.

3- Stay ready for any challenge:

Being a WordPress web designer and working with software is not easy. There are many times when you will be stuck with problems. These problems will cause issues with the functionality. But, you need to stay more focused than ever in such cases. You need to face any issue or challenge without panicking.

One great tip for every WordPress web designer is to back up their data in case the system crashes so that you don’t have to lose your work hours.

4- Stay connected with the WordPress community:

In 2022, possessing skills is not all that you need. You need to stay connected and relevant. Making connections with fellow WordPress users is necessary for succeeding.

The WordPress developer’s community provides support on projects too. Moreover, you can get to know all the trends and networking opportunities on the forum. This way, you will have information about the activities happening around you. It is necessary to understand what people want, which you can get by staying connected.

5- Set a Goal:

No matter what you do, if you don’t have a plan and goal in mind, you wouldn’t be able to reach anywhere. Have a procedure by setting a mission and having a vision. Take everything strategically. First learn basic web design, then basic programming, and finally use WordPress software.

6- Build a portfolio.

Being a web designer in 2022 is quite more technical than before. You need to convince your potential customers. You need to showcase your skills and provide evidence of your work for them to make a decision. It is the true essence of being a WordPress web designer.

You need to create a portfolio to showcase your work. It can improve your chances to get hired as a full-time employee or secure customers when freelancing. You can get the services of a branding agency to deliver your work to potential clients efficiently.

7- Create your resume.

It is necessary to make a resume apart from the portfolio. It is an essential part of any job application for a WordPress web designer. But, if you are freelancing, this resume can serve as your work description on sites like Upwork. This resume will contain information about your skills, work experience, education courses, etc.


Becoming a WordPress web designer is not hard. There is a lot to cover for beginners. once you have a basic understanding and knowledge of how to do the work, you can land clients. For becoming a WordPress web designer, you don’t just need basic technical skills but also strategies and connections to attract people to your work.

WordPress web designers require having a portfolio and a goal set in their mind. This way, their clients would know what their work stands for. You also need Photoshop to illustrate visual designing user experience and SEO (knowledge).