How Excessive Use Of Social Media Can Lead To Weight Gain?

How Excessive Use Of Social Media Can Lead To Weight Gain?

Gaining weight isn’t difficult at all. All you need to do is sit in front of your laptop or television screen all day and keep a bag of snacks by your side. There was a time when television used to be the main source of entertainment for many of us. But now social media has replaced most other forms of entertainment. Many chat messenger apps are easily available online. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that has several exciting features for users. There was a time when we used to search for sources of entertainment outside our homes. Nowadays, you only need a smartphone and a laptop to carry your entertainment with you. Given below is a list of ways excessive use of social media can negatively affect your weight:

Makes you feel lazy:

When you sit in one place all day, you grow lazy and the lack of activity slows down your metabolism. When you don’t burn fat you’ll start gaining weight rapidly. While using your laptop, try not to sit on a chair that feels too comfortable. And if you’re using your smartphone, use it while sitting up, not while lying down on the bed. When you use social media while sitting in a place that’s too comfortable, you end up using too much of it.

Leads to low self-esteem:

Social media can be motivating if used in moderation. When you access social media through your chat messenger app, you come across many profiles that impress you. You see people who look good in their pictures and compare yourself to them. You become competitive and even envious at times. That can push you in two directions; you’ll start working on self-improvement or become a victim of low self-esteem and stop working on yourself altogether.

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People use social media for mainly two purposes. They have exciting lives and they want to share the excitement with their online friends by uploading pictures and videos on social media. The other kind is people who begin to use social media excessively because they find the online world more thrilling than their actual lives. If you think your life in the real world isn’t happening enough, you should actively make an effort to make it exciting for yourself.

Takes away from sleeping hours:

When people use social media excessively, they begin to lose track of time. They forget when it’s time to sleep and often find it hard to wake up on time. People who don’t get enough sleep are less likely to lose weight. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that is released when you’re in deep sleep. It also keeps the fat-releasing hormone, leptin, in place. If you don’t get proper sleep, the hormones will stop functioning as they should, and you’ll end up gaining unhealthy pounds.

Leads to eating disorders:

As mentioned before, using social media excessively makes you forget what time of the day it is. As a result, your mealtimes might also get affected. While using your chatting app to scroll through your news feed on social media all day, you might miss out on meals. And when this happens some people could lose weight and grow weak while some people will end up eating more than is necessary and get fat. It’s important to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner timely to maintain a healthy weight.

Increases stress levels:

You think of social media as a source of entertainment but what you don’t realize is that it can give you stress without your knowing it. Social media platforms provide a lot of information in bits and pieces. Users keep posting updates regarding the latest news and they keep appearing in front of you whether you like it or not. As a result, you end up taking in a lot of random information, some of which you did not even intend to see. This gives you stress and stress leads to weight gain. Use social media for productive purposes, for communicating with your online friends, or for marketing purposes.

Don’t spend too much time looking at other people’s profiles, and comparing your life to theirs. Use your chat messenger app to join communities and pages where you can find useful information for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that lets you stream videos smoother and faster than most other apps. Use the app to stream videos when you’re free but keep a watch over the time and avoid using the app for more than half an hour. Use your free time for other healthy activities, with exercise at the top of your list.