How do I make a complaint about a doctor in Australia?

How do I make a complaint about a doctor in Australia?

To make a complaint about a doctor in Australia, you need to make a complaint through phone calls, email, or a website. Once you have filed your complaint, the National Law Board members will decide to give the complaint to a particular organization.  

When the board receives your complaint against the doctor, they do the following:

  • They will inform you that they have received your complaint. They will also ask you in detail about the complaint you made.
  • They will inform the health practitioner regulation agency about the complaint and provide all the details to them.
  • They will do a detailed assessment of the complaint and take the initial necessary actions required for the time being.
  • They will inform the required Board about the actions and seek their opinions.
  • The Board then analyze the actions and provide their approval.

If the Board gives their approval, you will be informed about the decision, and then further investigation will be made.

Why are doctors important?

Doctors can save our lives. This is the most common statement. But the importance of doctors is far beyond that. They have a big impact on our lives. They are persons with substantial knowledge in their field of medical science and try to solve the problems faced by their patients. The contribution of doctors to society is immeasurable. Despite having such a high position in society, there are some cases where people face problems with doctors. And has to file a complaint about them.

When to do complaints about doctors?

Doctors are the most-trusted occupations. You should feel safe and at ease around them. However, there are some instances where these trusted professionals have made such remarks that people have to file complaints about doctors. The reasons when you can file complaints about doctors are:

  • If you are not treated properly, whether it is physical abuse or mental abuse, you can file a complaint against the doctor.
  • If you face any kind of communication problems in your treatment, like not knowing what type of medications you are given, you can file a complaint.
  • Without your consent, if they breach your personal information. Breaching personal information means sharing your name, address, and information about your health, treatment, or medicines with other third parties.
  • If you face any issues, injuries, or damages after your surgery, you can file a complaint against the doctor.

The list can be long. But these problems can be very disturbing and important for one who faces such problems.

But there are even some problems faced by anyone which don’t need a proper written complaint. Sometimes, things can be verbally solved too. And there can be some alternate options available too.

Alternate approach:

  • You can directly talk to the health professional about the issues you are facing. Maybe there might be a misunderstanding. So, talking directly may lead to a more strong and more trustworthy relationship.
  • You can share your problems with other professionals in the hospital, and they might try to resolve them.
  • If you know any other doctor who you can trust, try talking to them about your problems. 

But even after adopting all these alternate actions, you don’t find any proper solution. Then, you have every right to go to court. You can also hire a medical law lawyer to help you with all the legal actions.

How can a medical law lawyer help you?

Medical lawyers are the same as any other lawyers, but they are focused on the healthcare industry, public health, or individual. Health law is a vast world, and a medical law lawyer has to keep information about new rules and regulations, bioethics, or fighting a case for the medical benefits of their clients. Here is a list of a few important tasks a medical law lawyer can perform:

  • A medical lawyer will handle all the legal work which is necessary for you to win the case.
  • They will investigate the situation of the complaint files and the liability of the case. 
  • A medical lawyer can find the evidence by consulting with other medical industry experts.
  • A medical lawyer will ensure you with the appropriate filing of the complaint and compile enough evidence to support your case.
  • They will never leave you on the dark side and provide you with the necessary information about your case.


Being a doctor is a very important profession, but if you feel attacked by anyone, you have the right to file a complaint about them. Seeking justice is your right.

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