Gaining more followers by uploading videos on social media 

Gaining more followers by uploading videos on social media 

One of the best things about social media is that you can share experiences with your loved ones through pictures and videos. There’s only so much that you can express through words, but a video captures moments just as they are. It is amazing how we can circulate among and share videos with millions of viewers at a time. Before social media came into existence, we had to communicate via SMS or e-mail mostly. Some chat messenger apps were used even back then but they didn’t have as many features as they do now. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that has several features that users can look forward to. One of NEEO’s popular features is NEEO Social. This platform allows you to upload pictures and videos for your online friends and followers. Given below are some of the ways uploading videos on social media can help you get more followers:

1. Content is easier to digest:

Videos work wonders when you want to grab the attention of your audience.  Lengthy text is often difficult to read, but with audio and visuals, the content is easier to digest. Whenever we’re passively going through our social media feed, we mostly tend to skim through all the written content. But when we come across a video, we pause to check it out! The great thing about NEEO Social is that you can watch videos separately. There is an icon on the right side of the screen that says ‘Videos’. Tap on that and your newsfeed will only show you videos.

2. Relevant content gets many followers:

For getting more followers on social media ensure your content is optimized for search engines. No matter how exciting the content, it can’t be categorized as ‘popular’ or ‘trending’ unless it is relevant. Come up with captivating headlines and captions for your videos coupled with relevant hashtags. Also, add tags to all your posts so more people get so more people can view them.

3. A call-for-action guarantees interaction:

Regardless of which social medium you’re using to post content, you need to have a goal for your video. Whether you want to increase traffic on your page or get people to buy your product, a call to action is necessary. There should be a link given below each video that says, for instance, ‘for similar content, tap on the link below. If you’re using more than one chatting app, provide links to your other pages too.

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4. Audio-visuals stimulate the senses:

Putting up a video on social media is like starting a conversation with your audience. And just as is the case with conversations, people are more likely to listen with interest if you stay focused on the main point. When there are too many diversions and the chat messenger apps conversation goes off track then people lose interest. While creating your video, make it as focused as possible. For instance, if you want to guide young mothers on how they organize their lives better, target one area in each video. There should be a separate video for organizing the kitchen, and a separate one for organizing the kids’ room, among other similar videos.

5. Trending topics are a short-cut for fame:

Do some research before you create your content! Everyone has a specific type of audience in mind whenever you’re aiming for more followers. Which age group do you want to inspire? Search for trending topics for the target age group and start working on your videos accordingly. Create campaigns that invite discussion and link your videos to the latest trends. Show your audience that you’re active and present by giving your opinion on the latest trends.

6. Big news gets big attention :

Use social media to share important news through your content. If you have a brand use videos to share the latest updates about your products or services.  Make individual, ‘how to use it’ videos for all your popular products. Customers and potential customers are less likely to read instructions in writing. Get social media influencers to market your brand by creating content and uploading it on their pages.

7. Quality content beats all else:

Videos can get you an unimaginable number of followers, provided you create quality content. The picture and sound quality should meet your audience’s expectations. One good quality video can make you famous overnight, similarly, one low-quality video could ruin your reputation. Put in a generous amount of effort for every video you make.

8. Behind-the-scenes videos add value:

To gain more loyalty and respect from your followers show them what your brand is really made of! Create a video that involves your entire team, everyone who helped you make it this far. Giving special credit to those working in the background who seldom have time to represent themselves. Humanize your brand by letting your audience know you care for deeper sentiments.

Videos are a great way to reach out to your audience. Put at least two to three videos on your page daily and watch how you’re followers magically grow. NEEO is a chat messenger apps that has recently added a new Channel feature. You can create your own channel using the chatting app, and post your videos to get unlimited number of subscribers.