Designing an E-commerce Website: The Basics, Examples, And Price

Designing an E-commerce Website: The Basics, Examples, And Price

Ecommerce websites are the best ways to make profit online. But in order to generate revenue, you’ll need to invest in a professional ecommerce website services. According to Statista, in 2021, global Online ecommerce web designers retail sales were about $5.2 trillion. This shows e-commerce is not going anymore too soon.

Curious about what an e-commerce digital marketing agency can do for you? Online ecommerce web designers can help you in this matter, but for this, you should also have complete information regarding web design services.

But have you ever think why is there such a wide range of costs for e-commerce websites? Not all e-commerce websites are the same. Cheaper than a world-class website if you want a site with minimal features.

What Determines The Price Of An E-Commerce Site?

Now that we’ve seen the total cost of building and maintaining an e-commerce website let’s take a closer look at the pricing factors for each e-commerce website.

The first big price factor in e-commerce web design is the number of pages you include on your website. For e-commerce sites, the answer is almost always 250 or more.

This means that pages cost significantly more than websites that generate business leads from a few pages. But at the same time, each page quickly pays off in terms of the number of items sold.

With that in mind, it makes sense to have a separate page for each product on your e-commerce site. Earn even more as your business recovers and expands. You also need a category page to showcase all your products. You can also add a personalized profile page for customers who create accounts.

E-Commerce Web Design Price

When setting up an e-commerce website, the overall website design of your brand is another important cost factor, but a key factor in its success.

Website design is the first impression a new visitor makes. If your design looks outdated, then the potential customers will think your business is the same. To prevent that, you need a web design style that matches your brand.

Web Design Styles Generally Fall into Four Categories

  1. Simple

A simple website displays fine and works as expected. Not much of a surprise, but this is a solid start for the website.

  1. Moderately Stylized

Moderately stylized pages are a bit more flexible and allow for more space. This could mean extra graphics, a more robust colour scheme, or other additional design elements. 

  1. High End

A high-quality website has a professional and elegant appearance. They’re cleanly cut with high-resolution images and colour schemes that suit the site’s key demographics. These websites are designed to stand out from their competitors using interactive elements, high-definition images, videos, and a variety of intuitive features.

  1. World Class

A world-class website not only provides users with a perfect shopping experience but also deserves awards.

To be the next Amazon, you should go for the world-class website. However, To go up be prepared for the price of e-commerce website design. On the other side, if you just want to serve your customer base, you can use a simple or moderately styled website.

Website Copy for E-Commerce Sites

Copywriting is essential for any website, including e-commerce. Fortunately, e-commerce businesses don’t need as many plain text pages as other websites. The main pages to pay attention to are the terms of use, privacy policy, and other technical details like this.

You can also create pages to target specific parts of your market if you prefer. For example, if you want to drive more traffic from Seattle, you can create a page titled “Buy [product] in Seattle”. The cost of copywriting depends on what you want to write on the page and how much you want to add.

A short page with a few hundred words and no pictures doesn’t cost much. But a 3000-word page full of interactive features, subsections, JavaScript insets, and custom coding makes designing an e-commerce website expensive.

The money spent is still worth it. Short pages are great for delivering information in seconds, and long pages are good for search engine success.

Ecommerce (SEO)

E-commerce SEO helps to increase your traffic on the website for the best Google search results.

It’s also an important fact in the success of your ecommerce website over the long time. If you want to generate more profit, then you must know how to attract customers that use search engines.

Otherwise, you won’t have the steady stream of new and repeat customers that you need to survive. However, e-commerce SEO requires a monthly investment. High ranking in search engines requires a lot of ongoing work to keep your competitors from pushing you out of Google results.

Responsive Website Design Ecommerce

Responsive design is essential for today’s ecommerce websites. No matter what you’re selling, there are buyers looking at your site from mobile phones, tablets and even watches. Since they make up about half of the internet traffic today, they should be taken into account.

Responsive design makes it happen. With responsive design, your e-commerce website automatically adapts to the device you use to shop.

So when someone looks at your website on their smartphone, they offer a great shopping experience with big buttons, a perfect layout and full functionality. When you shop, you also get a great shopping experience designed for them.


Now that we’ve covered the features, you need to think about what the website will look like. First impressions are everything, and it’s important that what you see in the store matches your expectations. A website that looks like an amateur can convert visitors into customers at a much lower rate than a professional custom ecommerce website.

Think about branding, too. If you have a big established brand, your website should reflect that. The Internet is your chance to make an impression. Many e-commerce website owners spend a lot of money to create websites that sell for what they look like. If you are looking for software development services in London, get in touch with Sky Potentials.