Desert Safari Dubai | Overnight Adventure Combo

Desert Safari Dubai | Overnight Adventure Combo

Desert Safari Dubai an Overnight Adventure Combo with Hatta Mountain Safari

Our package has everything you need, whether you want to go dune bashing on red sand dunes of Desert Safari Dubai or drive through zigzag valleys on a thrilling ride.

As a result, you’ll be in a mood that comes from seeing some of the country’s most interesting and chunky landscapes. Because of their size and grandeur, these landscapes also have a lot to offer.

Clear and blue mountain pools can help you cool down.

There are many things to see and do on this overnight Dubai Desert Safari tour. People who want to see how the Arabian spirit works in the desert should go on this tour.

Hatta Mountain Safari

Package Highlights

  1. Drive through the rocky landscapes of Wadis as you make your way.
  2. The Hatta Mountain Safari is for people who want to go on a trip
  3. The Hajar Mountains are a lovely place.
  4. In the Natural Spring Water Pools, you can swim in them.
  5. For lunch, we went to the Hatta Fort Hotel. Then we went to the Hatta Heritage Village Carpet and Pottery Market.


In the morning, we’ll start our trip to the mountain trail. One side is the Arabian Gulf, and the other side is a desert and sand dunes that make you feel alive.

Your car would be comfortable and strong, driven by drivers who know how to drive in the desert and off-road. Cruises on the Hatta Mountain Safari are well-protected. All boats have air-conditioning, seat belts, roll bars, and first-aid boxes. There are only 6 people who can go on all cruises, not including the driver. This is where you have to wear seat belts while on tour. This is for your safety!

Afterwards, we’ll pass through Al Hebab, drive to the flaxen sand dunes, and give you a tour of the red Dunes crashing toward the Oasis of Hatta, which is a very old village surrounded by palm trees; it’s a lot cooler there, and it’s also very beautiful.

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As we make our way through the twists and turns, we’ll see lush greenery and the craggy Hajar Mountains, which have blue waters in the Wadis.

We will enjoy the peace of the ravine. Every time you go on the safari in Dubai, you’ll see some Bedouin tents and camels in the desert and some of them grazing. A quick stop at the Market, where you can buy local fruits and vegetables and souvenirs, pots, carpets, and souvenirs.

We will go on to the next part of our trip. We will walk through the local heritage village and the Portuguese Fort built in the 16th century. These old materials were used when they rebuilt this historic place. They used mud, sandalwood and other materials when the place was first built. This is an example of how the United Arab Emirates and Dubai have a rich history.

Trekking on the mountain of Hatta will be a fun thing for us to do together. The Grand Canyon in the United States is a great example of a mountain with many deep rock formations.

With the same experience of the desert, we will be back at the place where we started, just like before.

Overnight Desert Safari

Package Highlights

  1. Drivers go through the desert and slam into sand dunes.
  2. Dubai from the sand sunset in the desert
  3. Arabic Coffee, tea, and something else to drink would be waiting for us when we arrived at our desert campsite. We’d also have camel riding, Arabic costumes, and henna painting for photos.
  4. a smelly shisha (Arabian Water pipe)
  5. Enchanting Tanoura dance is a belly dance show.
  6. A wide variety of food from around the world is served at BBQ dinner: Veggie and Non-Vegetable Arabic Sweets and Fresh Fruits are on the menu.
  7. Separate tents, mattresses, pillows, and blankets for each person.
  8. Wake up call for sunrise (if you want). Breakfast before leaving.


Overnight desert safaris are made for people who want to taste the desert. We’ll start in the cold of the morning. As we get deeper into the Dubai desert, we’ll start having real, wild fun.

Our safari drivers are known for their desert driving skills. They drive the 4wd up huge sand dunes, climb dune tops, and hit angles that look like we’re about to fall to give you the ultimate thrill and fun of dune bashing in a Dubai desert.

  1. You can howl with joy, become a child again, sparkle and close your eyes, hold yourself tight on this ride.
  2. Take a picture of a beautiful sunset in the Dubai desert.

Bedouin-style huts made of ferns and palm trees line the desert floor of our Dubai desert camp. You can lounge on cushions and carpets by low tables as you drink your welcome drinks in a traditional setting and relax, chill out, and enjoy this new adventure.

  1. For real desert thrills, go on a camel ride!
  2. You can wear traditional clothes to fit in with the Bedouin way of life.
  3. In case you want to, you can get some henna on your body
  4. If you want to, you can smoke a shisha that smells good. You’ll tempte to eat like the smell of freshly cooked BBQ wafts through the air.

Delicious food from all over the world will serve with belly dancing. Veggies and non-vegetarians will serve at the same time.

As soon as we finish our evening safari, we will return to our tent and enjoy the night sky over Dubai with its many stars. Sunrise brings the smell of breakfast.

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Ladies who are pregnant, people who have back problems, or have heart problems should not go on desert safari tours.

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