Decorate your interior with Christmas cushion covers

Decorate your interior with Christmas cushion covers

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching! Why not invite this festive atmosphere into your interiors now? Creating a magical setting worthy of this special day will allow you to share the joy with the whole family. Nothing beats a warm and friendly decoration to celebrate this holiday. Tradition dictates that the tree be decorated with care. Balls and garlands will be a must in the house, and the fireplace will warm up the atmosphere. But to bring even more originality to your Christmas decor, consider Christmas cushion covers.

Cushions are essential accessories for creating a cocooning, relaxing and enveloping decor. But they also come to maximize the comfort of your furniture. These small details can make all the charm of your interiors.

Why choose Christmas cushion covers to decorate your interior?

You don’t need to bring a professional decorator to incorporate the festive atmosphere into your interiors. Christmas cushion covers will be your best allies to bring joy and excitement to the house without spending much money. Discover the advantages of choosing these accessories to embellish your rooms.

To recreate the magic of Christmas.

Adopting a designer Christmas decoration is the perfect way to recreate the magic of Christmas. By slipping beautiful cushions in the theme into your home, you can obtain a magical universe that will make you dream of the holiday season. These decorative elements will bring joy and a smile as soon as the day dawns. They also allow you to immerse the whole family in this magical atmosphere while waiting for December 25th. In addition, Christmas cushion covers can be reused every year.

To make the atmosphere of the end-of-the-year festivities last

Everyone lives in joy and happiness during the festive period. We quickly get carried away by this special Christmas magic and tend to get attached to it. Once the holidays are over, the lack is felt, and this feeling of happiness and enchantment disappears. With the Christmas cushions, you can perfectly perpetuate the holiday mood.

For a warm spirit that will delight young and old

Christmas cushion covers are perfect for warming interiors and giving rooms colour. All you have to do is slip in filling cushions adapted to the covers to obtain a very inflating, soft and comfortable effect. The patterns of the cushions will delight young and old alike, and getting together with the family on the sofa will be a pure moment of pleasure.

Because we find them for all styles of decoration!

Christmas cushions are available in different models, and it will be easy to find the ones that best suit your needs. There is something for all tastes and all styles of decoration. The patterns range from the most refined to the most sophisticated, and you can even bet on funny illustrations to delight the whole family. Christmas cushions will make everyone happy.

Our top 10 of the most beautiful Christmas cushion covers!

Want to bring the magical spirit of Christmas into your home? We invite you to discover our top 10 of the most beautiful Christmas cushion covers that embellish your furniture with style and elegance.

Christmas Red cushion cover

Red is one of the main colours of Christmas. Indeed, this colour is inseparable from the festive, bright and friendly decoration of Christmas. It is perfect for giving shine to interiors and warms the atmosphere while making it more pleasant. Our Christmas Red cushion cover collection will slip easily into your decoration. It highlights all the important symbols of Christmas. Indeed, the red covers are delicately adorned with the candy cane, socks, Christmas tree, balls or even a gift. A duo or a trio of these covers can be enough to evoke the magic of Christmas in your living room. You can mix them with plain cushions to enhance the illustrations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cushion cover

Invite the magical atmosphere of Christmas into your interiors. Snowman, snowflake, fir tree, and reindeer will easily find their place in your living room thanks to our Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cushion covers. These festive patterns adorn the bright red cushions. The covers are available in square format, but you can also go for rectangular models. You can put them together and break the symmetry with the rectangular cushions.

Christmas collection cushion cover

​​Decorating the house for Christmas is intended to make children happy. The Christmas cushion covers in this range are adorned with fun illustrations. Santa Claus, his gifts and his reindeer dress the covers, but you can also find a deer or elegant fir trees. These cushions will accentuate the positive side of the atmosphere and will undoubtedly bring a smile.

Cushion cover Christmas Let it, Snow.

The red and white combination works wonderfully to evoke Christmas celebrations. This is why Imperial Rooms bet on this colour duo for this Let it Snow Christmas collection.

The sparkling red covers are embellished with various patterns reminiscent of the magical world of Christmas.

You can find fir trees, balls, snowflakes, or even deer. But some models welcome clean messages like “Merry Christmas” or the model “I wish you the best Christmas ever”.

Red square cushion cover

A desire to give depth to your furniture while introducing the Christmas theme into the living room? Let yourself be seduced by our red square Christmas cushion covers. Their red and black checkered background adds to their charm. White motifs such as sleighs, fir trees or snowflakes come to rest in all subtlety on these tiles. You will also find other more modern versions with messages in this range.

Christmas tree cushion cover

The fir tree is a traditional symbol of Christmas. This is why it has its place in your interior decoration. A little reminder about the furniture will not hurt the atmosphere in the room. This Christmas tree cushion cover features a pretty Christmas tree design playing on a mix of shades of green and red on a white background. It can be highlighted in the centre of several plain cushions.

Cushion cover merry Christmas decoration

Share happiness with the whole family and your guests through the decoration of your living room. Wish them a Merry Christmas with our Merry Christmas decoration cushions. The magical world of Christmas will come to your home through the different patterns in this range. There is something for every taste. Just choose the ones that best match your home decor, slip in some filling cushions of the same size, and arrange them on your furniture.

Cushion cover classic merry Christmas

If you don’t like fancy and funny patterns, you can wish happy holidays to your guests in a more sober and refined way. This classic merry Christmas collection offers pure, simple, elegant Christmas cushion covers.

These are rectangular covers available in white, black and red cushions.

They feature designer texts that will delight your guests. You can mix them with square cushions to create a fashionable, mismatched look.

Christmas tree and wreath cushion cover

A desire to bring a little colour on heavy furniture? Bet on our Christmas tree and wreath cushion covers. They are adorned with various harmonious patterns in the theme. This collection is a safe bet to bring joy into your home. The cushions are likely to be noticed.

Christmas cushion cover golden tree collection

If green and red are known to be the primary colours of Christmas decorations, gold is also a wise choice to illuminate rooms. This touch of gold brings sparkle and light to your decor. In this spin d’Or collection, we have combined gold with black to obtain a luxurious, refined and elegant look. These cushions will be your best allies if you want to stay in a clean and modern decor. The magic of Christmas will undoubtedly be there thanks to these chic and cosy trendy cushions.

The Christmas cushion covers will perfectly complement your Christmas decoration:

As you will have understood, cushion covers will be essential to bring the final touch to your Christmas decoration. But, of course, they will complement the essential Christmas items.

The traditional Christmas tree

The tree is a must for celebrating Christmas. It is imposing and well-decorated. Balls, pine cones, garlands and bows will embellish it and give it a luminous touch. But today, it is also possible to revisit the classic tree by betting on DIY. By being creative, you can perfectly reproduce the tree’s shape with wood, books or light garlands.

Christmas garlands and decorative objects

Garlands and various decorative Christmas accessories will also be ubiquitous. The stickers will adorn the windows, and the fireplace will be lit to warm the atmosphere. The Advent calendar will keep the children waiting, and the wreath will embellish the house door. Laying the socks by the fireplace has also become an essential tradition. Abuse candles to create a warm and subdued atmosphere.

Christmas colours

Whether through Christmas cushion covers or any other decorative object, Christmas colours must be present in the rooms. The green and red duo is a timeless classic that slips easily into rooms for the holiday season. But gold is also an excellent alternative to this duo. This luminous colour can be used for more originality and modernity.

And a well-decorated table.

Finally, who says Christmas also says family-friendly dinner? This is why the table deserves to be decorated with care and thoroughness. The theme can impose itself on the table through balls, pine cones, fir branches or even candles. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take out your most beautiful pottery and match it with the style of decoration adopted. To create a harmonious and functional decor for your table, avoid overloading it.


In conclusion, the Christmas decoration allows the whole family to be carried away by the magic of Christmas. But above all, she brings joy and enchantment to the house. Young and old alike will be delighted to live in this universe for a moment. In addition to the tree and the various Christmas decorative accessories, the cushions are also essential to finalize the atmosphere.

My cousin offers you an extensive collection of designer and high-quality Christmas cushions. Whatever style of decoration you want to create, you will be sure to find the most suitable models on our site. They are available in different colours and are adorned with various patterns. Note that you can also find ready-to-install upholstery cushions on our site. Decorating your stay becomes a pure moment of pleasure with Imperial Rooms. It is also difficult to resist the design of our Christmas cushions.