Damage to smartphone or tablet

Damage to smartphone or tablet

88% of the Dutch have a smartphone or tablet and 70% have a tablet. A growing group of people has at least two mobile phones within reach. These devices are so intertwined in daily activities that sometimes things go wrong.

Generous household insurance

Sudden and unexpected events involving smartphones, tablets, and laptops may only insure under our Royal Home Insurance. An excess of 150 euros applies to any damage. If possible, we will have the device repaired. If that is not possible, we look at the new-for-old or current value. 

What is sudden and unexpected

Now it is not the case that all damages to smartphones and tablets are insured as standard. We assess whether or not there is the intent and whether it concerns a sudden and unexpected event. We want to clarify our considerations with the examples below.

  • After a tiring day, take a relaxing bath. You place your tablet on edge to watch a movie or your favorite series. Your tablet will slide into the bathwater or fall onto the tile floor in a moment of inattention. We do not see this as intentional, of course. But, also not as an unexpected event. Such a bath rim is not very wide, and it is to be expected that a tablet is not very stable.
  • You come home and quickly put your smartphone down on a cupboard. Due to the vibration mode, your mobile will vibrate and fall to the ground. We do not see this as an unexpected event either because the vibration mode and the consequences may know.
  • Your laptop, tablet, or mobile is on the floor near a socket. Then someone steps on it, and the screen may crack, or there is some other damage. We do not see this as an unexpected event or an accident. The ground is a normal place where people stand. It is slightly different if you have deliberately chosen a place where it is almost impossible to stand or walk. Then we see it as an unexpected event.

What does the optional coverage for Mobile electronics cost?

You already have Mobile electronics coverage for €9.68 per month (incl. AT&T insurance tax, excl. package discount). With this choice coverage, mobile devices in your family may insure against drops and bumps, also, outside your home (within the Netherlands). 

What are mobile electronics?

By mobile electronics, we mean smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, mobile navigation, smartwatches, mobile game computers, and medical devices. 

What is insured in the mobile electronics coverage?

An accident is in a small corner. Fall, impact, and water damage may also insure within the mobile electronics coverage—both inside and outside your own home. You report damage via the My asr environment or to your adviser.

Traveling outside the Netherlands

Is there damage to your mobile electronics during your holiday abroad? Then the damage may cover by your Continuous Travel Insurance.

Damage to someone else’s mobile equipment

Does the damage to the mobile equipment belong to someone from their own family? Then this falls within the optional coverage of Mobile electronics. Damage to the mobile equipment of another person outside the family may cover by liability insurance.

The easy shutdown of mobile electronics

You can easily take out smartphone and electronics coverage with your Home Contents insurance by contacting your advisor. Indicate when you want the cover to start. Your advisor will take care of everything else.

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