Skin in the Game: Two Common Skin Problems and Solutions for Men Health

Skin in the Game: Two Common Skin Problems and Solutions for Men Health

When we think of Men Health, we often think of reproductive health issues. However, male health is a much bigger term and encompasses all the issues related to male health. One of the male health issues that are often ignored is skin health problems. While women take a lot of care of their skin texture and health, men tend to take skin health casually.

Most men do not realise that skin health issues often indicate much bigger health problems. It is important to take care of skin health issues to stay healthy and attractive. Here we have discussed two common skin health problems suffered by men. We have also shared solutions to keep your health in good shape.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a skin health issue that most of us take lightly. Women still take care of their skin health because that is linked to appearance. However, dry skin and related skin health issues are completely ignored in the case of men’s health. However, this attitude can cost men more than they think. This is the reason why we have shared information about dry skin as a men’s health issue. We have shared all information that will benefit men who are facing this health issue.

What Symptoms Indicate You Have Dry Skin?

It is very easy to identify dry skin issues if you are observant. You will find scaly patches on your skin that indicate dryness. You may also observe soreness and itchiness in some parts of the skin. Many people experience an itchy sensation when their skin goes dry. You may suffer dry skin at any point in the year.

Excess heat or excess cold can cause the skin to become dry. You may also experience dry skin issues when you travel to a place that has different weather conditions from yours. Another factor that may increase the probability of dry skin is aging. When the body ages, it produces fewer oils in the body. This reduces skin lubrication, causing drying of the skin.

What are the Easiest Treatments Available for Dry Skin?

Thankfully, you can easily deal with dry skin with simple measures. Here we have listed out different ways to lubricate the skin and keep it hydrated. Check them out:

Mineral Oil: You can use mineral oil to moisturise the skin and block the water preventing its loss. It is best to use mineral oil when your body is wet. It is a great way to block moisture without experiencing any greasy effect on the skin.

Petroleum Jelly: Just like mineral oil, this also works to prevent water loss by blocking them. It should also be used while the body is wet. It has a greasy effect that may not be desirable for some users. Petroleum jelly is also used as a base for several creams and moisturisers.

Moisturising Creams and Lotions: You can easily buy moisturising creams and lotions for protecting your skin. These contain grease as well as water. These work to keep your skin perfectly lubricated. They may be slightly more expensive compared to the other options.

How to Prevent the Occurrence of Dry Skin in the Future?

It is possible to prevent the recurrence of dry skin with certain simple measures. Here we have shared a list of tips.

● You may use lukewarm water for a bath rather than hot water. This is because hot water can cause dry skin. 

● Make it a habit to moisturise your skin right after a bath so that the chances of dry skin are further reduced.

● Eat healthy foods so that the body functions well and creates the desired body oils to prevent dry skin.

Athlete’s Feet

Another men’s health skin issue is Athlete’s Feet. The common symptoms of Athlete’s Foot are peeling areas of the skin, excessive itching, redness, scaling and blistered skin. This men’s health issue related to the skin may cause by Dermatophytes that thrive in warm and moist environments. Sweaty socks and moist shoes offer the perfect environment for these fungi on the skin to thrive. 

Men who have an athletic bend should be cautious against this skin health issue.

How to Treat an Athlete’s Foot?

Most men take issues related to the skin lightly. This prevents them from taking action at the right time. However, if you take action as soon as you observe symptoms, simple over the counter medicines will help heal the skin. You can go for medicines. These medicines may heal the symptoms if they haven’t worsened. Athletes’ Feet may take a couple of weeks to heal. However, if you don’t see any noticeable difference in spite of the medicines, you should consult a doctor. He can provide medicines to eliminate the issue completely.

How to Prevent the Recurrence of Athlete’s Foot?

Everyone does not suffer from the same skin-related men’s health issues. This is the reason why you should take special care when you know you are prone to Athlete’s Feet. Here are some steps you take to prevent the recurrence of Athlete’s Feet:

  1. Wash your feet every day after returning home.
  2. Keep your feet covered with socks to prevent exposure to the fungus.
  3. Use sandals, flip-flops or floaters when you are traversing through wet areas like pools or beaches.
  4. You must take a break from your shoes at regular intervals. 
  5. You must also make sure you maintain your shoes dry and clean.

Skin is one of the easiest to infect because it may continually expose. However, some simple measures can prevent such infections from occurring. Observe these measures and ensure the good health of your skin.

How to Buy Over the Counter Medicines Online?

You can always rely on online pharmacies like the Local Med Store Secure Pharma Online when you wish to buy over the counter medicines related to skin health. Just select the right medicine and dosage before you add it to the cart. Make your payment online and have the medicines shipped to the chosen address. It is really that simple!

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