Bhrigu Lake Trek: Best time and Iterinary

Bhrigu Lake Trek: Best time and Iterinary

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is a high level alpine meadow lake located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. The best part of Bhrigu Lake Trek is that you get to look at the view that one can see when you climb 14,000 ft or so. Usually such a view is achieved generally on the fourth or fifth day if the trekkers are completely trained. While you can achieve it in just 3 days at ease.  When you start trekking near the lake, you start walking down the meadows within just the first 10 minutes of the trek itself.

Bhrigu trek

To reach the Bhrigu trek one needs to follow a compelling route. You must drive from Manali to Gulaba and then trek uphill till Rola Kholi which takes around 4-5 hours to trek. The path is about 7 kilometres long. Gulaba village is the starting point of the Bhrigu Lake Trek and it takes nearly 1 hour to reach as it is 22 kilometres drive from Manali. The location of Gulaba village is on the road to Rohtang Pass. Reaching the Rola Kholi there is a steep uphill trek to Bhrigu and then backforth. The trek from Rola to Bhrigu Lake and then to Pandu Ropa takes about 7-8 hours and is 14 kilometres long. 

The Bhrigu lake trek is not considered too expensive. You can set aside around 6000-7000 per person for this trek. Try to get booked with a tour operator, as they provide a complete package that includes food throughout the journey of the trip. The accommodation of trek is managed in the tents on a triple, sharing or double sharing basis as per situation. The cost of this trek also includes the necessary permits and fees.  As per the package and accomodation, you can also request a surface transfer too. Thus one must look for overall cost that includes the qualified guides who are also experienced trek leaders and provide you support staff too.

Important Items

There is a list of important items that you should always carry while you are on any trek. 

Bring essentials such like: 

  1. Bring the trekking gear, then you also need to have a rucksack bag with an in-built rain cover to protect your stuff.  
  2. Have a day bag pack including a head torch/light with extra batteries for in need time. 
  3. Proper footwear is also important for Trekking. You need to wear skid-free, high ankle trekking shoes for a smooth trek. They are very important because shoes need to be comfortable and should not give any blisters.
  4. Try to wear quick-drying t-shirts, mostly full sleeves or comfortable clothing. You can also wear sweatshirts for trekking.
  5. There is a high requirement for sunblock creams because as you reach heights they help your skin never go dry. Also, you must consider having a lip balm for abrupt care of yourself. 
  6. Always carry glucose or energy powder because that can give you instant energy during the trek. You can also carry nuts or chocolate bars for emergencies. Do not bring any suitcases or bulky stuff while you are coming to trek as it will be difficult to handle it while you are Trekking. 

Bhrigu Lake trek

Bhrigu Lake trek can be considered as one of the most favoured monsoon treks of Himachal Pradesh. And also it is the best time to visit this trek due to its view, terrain and sparkles amidst the necklace of colossal mountain ranges of India. Bhrigu Lake Trek is a complete package and is also well stocked with all the flavours of a mountain trek. In monsoon season it is easy to trek. The rain is helpful during steep hikes and descents as they reduce the pressure on knees and enable you to move forward smoothly. During monsoon season the meadows will be at their lushest green. And there will be a wide range of wildflowers present everywhere. The meadows change texture, shape, and colour but will stay with you throughout the trek. You can enjoy the beautiful grassland right till the end of the trek at Bhrigu Lake. 

Overall Bhrigu Lake trek is one of the best nature loving trek and can be done by anyone. The view is breathtaking and the path is 25 kilometres long taking about 3 days to complete the trek.

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