Best Books for Sociology Optional UPSC

Best Books for Sociology Optional UPSC

Talking of the most popular optional subjects in the UPSC exam, Sociology always finds a bright spot in the list as one of the most opted subjects among aspirants in the Books for Sociology Optional. Sociology is divided into two papers. Paper 1 deals with the fundamentals, while Paper 2 covers structure and changes in Indian society, which has immense importance. Sociology is also seen as a subject with high potential as the theory has several applications in society, making it the best-suited subject. In this article, we will be talking about the best books one should refer to for sociology optional.

As we know, Sociology optional is divided into two papers, The first paper has all the core fundamentals, and the second paper has got the Indian society and its functioning. So it’s obvious that both these papers will have different sets of books, so we will see books related to them. Don’t keep reading books cover to cover; always refer to the syllabus first before reading. I would suggest making notes and folders for better understanding and last-minute revisions.

Books for Sociology Optional


The best place to begin with, is the NCERT books, as these are the most basic books. The book uses decent language with easy terms, which makes it the best resource for studying sociology optional. Most of the questions are even asked directly from the NCERT books, so make sure to make full use of the resource and mark important points and note them down for revising them in the future.

There are four NCERT books from class XI and XII

  • Introduction to Sociology (XI)
  • Understanding Sociology (XI)
  • Indian Society (XII)
  • Social Change and Development in India (XII)

★ Sociology Optional Paper 1

There are plenty of sociology books for UPSC that cover the syllabus of Paper 1 of this optional subject. As I have already mentioned, Paper 1 deals with the Fundamental Sociology sections; it is further subdivided into many topics. You can have a look at Paper 1 topics below.

  1. Sociology – The Discipline
  2. Sociology as Science
  3. Research Methods and Analysis
  4. Sociological Thinkers
  5. Stratification and Mobility
  6. Works and Economic Life
  7. Politics and Society
  8. Religion and Society
  9. Systems of Kinship
  10. Social Change in Modern Society

These topics may cover in Paper 1 of the sociobiology optional subject. Now let’s have a look at books that are best suited and efficient to cover these topics.

  1. Introduction to Sociology -Anthony Giddens
  2. Sociological Theory – George Ritzer
  3. Sociology Themes and Perspectives – Haralambos & Holborn
  4. 4. A Dictionary of Sociology – John Scott
  5. Introduction to Political Theory – O P Gauba
  6. Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham and Henry Morgan

★ Sociology Optional Paper 2

Sociology optional paper 2 is slightly different from Paper 1. Paper 2 has fewer topics as compared to paper 1, but these topics may quite sophisticated and lengthy. However, Sociology Paper 2 may divide into 3 main topics mentioned below.

  1. Introducing Indian Society
  2. Social Structure
  3. Social Changes in India

These were the topics covered in Sociology optional Paper 2 now let’s have a look at some books for paper 2.

  1. Social Change in Modern India – M N Srinivas
  2. Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar – M N Srinivas
  3. Handbook of Indian Sociology – Veena Das
  4. Indian Society: Themes and Social Issues – Nadeem Hasnain
  5. Rural Sociology – S.L Doshi
  6. Modernization of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh
  7. Social Background of Indian Nationalism – A R Desai

The Thought Tree

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These were some of the best Sociology optional books for the UPSC exam. Both paper 1 and paper 2 books may equally important and cam always advise by teachers and experienced professionals across the country. Try to read the NCERT books as these are the base or foundation of the sociology subject. I hope you guys found this article helpful in finding books for sociology optional UPSC. Best of luck with your UPSC exams.

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