AI Consultant: Designing the Future with Robots in 2022

AI Consultant: Designing the Future with Robots in 2022

Artificial intelligence, a word well-known to today’s generation, has brought several revolutions and continues to make advancements in the era of technological development. Machines have been here for decades, but they received value as they continued to automate the business industry operations with AI integration. Many companies from every industry, be it healthcare, retail, automobile, restaurants, etc., have made it an essential part of their business models to optimize productivity and efficiency. However, these companies have little or no idea about artificial intelligence. Hence, they hire an AI consultant or agency to guide them through the process.

AI was the dream of many people, especially when everyone dreamt of having robots and getting the work done. Though we aren’t still not there where the robots completely take over. We are in the process of creating self-aware robots. However, there are robot-like Siri and Alexa that have gained popularity in the last two decades. Seeing the continuous and rigorous research and experimentation on AI, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say. So, we aren’t far from the robotic future. Companies and people are now observing a paradigm shift in the tech industry in every sector where machine learning and deep learning are creating a buzz for the better.

How important is an AI consultant?

Before we delve deeper into AI consulting, one should know what artificial intelligence does. As known to many, AI opposes natural human intelligence and develops smart machines automated by computers to perform repetitive tasks. In short, it mimics or simulates human intelligence to improve productivity and performance. Here the machines are fed with extensive data to train machines from experience. They use advanced algorithms that make this possible, letting machines take action in similar situations. Imagine getting tasks done within seconds and without errors, decreasing the overall cost and time.

Since AI is a part of computer sciences, it can be tricky and challenging for many industries. Since, every firm is trying to create a competitive advantage. Thus, it becomes difficult to drive strategies that align the company’s needs and goals. At this time, companies need to hire an AI consultant or agency with the knowledge and expertise to strategize and derive relevant results. These consultants work from scratch, from researching the company’s goals, product, services, and core values to implementing the strategy to get the desired results. They may even make modifications to the existing strategy to boost sales.

How is AI Divided?

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that companies and individuals use when integrating it into their business models. This next-age technology is divided into two categories that summarize all types of AI functions, types, and solutions.

Narrow AI

The first one is the narrow AI, often referred to as ‘weak AI.’ It simulates natural human intelligence and functions in a limited context. Since it is limited, it focuses entirely on performing a single task well. This is necessary because these smart machines operate under more limitations than basic human intelligence. Narrow AI was used more in the starting when the developers and companies did not have much idea about its implementation. It made several breakthroughs in the past, contributing to economic and social benefits. Google Search, Siri, and self-driving cars are prime examples of Narrow AI.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Often called the ‘strong AI,’ it is one that we see in movies or have always dreamt about. It contains the robots. These machines use general intelligence where they think and solve a problem just like humans. In fact, these robots overrun humanity. However, we are still behind in its development, so you do not need to worry about it soon.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

Artificial intelligence has evolved into something more advanced with continuous experimentation and exploration. It will continue to make advancements in every sector, leveraging companies to utilize their resources more efficiently, contributing to earning economies of scale. Here the AI consultant plays a crucial role in implementing strategies to mitigate the emerging problems with futuristic solutions. AI has changed the dynamics of businesses worldwide, integrating it into different sectors to automate daily operations. Education is one of the many sectors where artificial intelligence has made significant reforms, changing how students learn and interact with their teachers while improving their skills.

AI in education

Artificial intelligence entered the field of education a long time back but how it has evolved over the years is still something to talk about. From personalized learning to more accessibility to smart learning, it has changed how people gain knowledge. Ai here provides personalized learning recommendations seeing the knowledge gaps to increase students’ efficiency and performance. This helps consultants identify the learning patterns and generate curriculums accordingly.

AI in education enables remote learning where students can learn at any hour of the day depending on their schedule and get the same knowledge. Thus, eliminating the geographic boundaries that often limit students in physical classrooms, which in turn boosts interactions while providing a platform for the differently-abled to have access to the same quality of education. The digitized curriculum enhances innovative learning making it more engaging and easy to learn or understands. Here students can leverage simulations and visualizations to increase digital learning through e-books, visualized charts, audios, etc.

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On the other hand, it leverages students with digital AI tutors and virtual assistants such as chatbots. It is providing real-time communication to students globally. Moreover, it benefits the administrative staff by mitigating mundane and repetitive tasks like grading, checking assignments, conducting assessments, and responding to questions. The artificial intelligence implementation will give a 360-degree view to inspect students’ performance and polish their skills.


Artificial intelligence is nothing new to the rapidly developing world where organizations strive to gain a competitive advantage by implementing new world technology. Its automation and digitalization have led them to implement unique strategies that seamlessly align its goals with the business model. It also means the future is robotic, where companies will ultimately shift from manual work to automation, only monitoring and controlling remotely. Hence, firms hire an AI consultant to increase real-time efficiency, transparency, productivity, and performance.