A Roofing Inspection Checklist to Get Ahead of Problems

A Roofing Inspection Checklist to Get Ahead of Problems

One of the most important and expensive components of your home is its roofing. It guards against water leaks, heat, cold, snow accumulation, and wind damage.

Because roof checks are so important, most lenders and homeowners insurance companies require that your roof be in good condition before you can get a mortgage or an insurance policy.

Can You Examine Your Own Roof?

You will be unable to inspect your own roof for mortgage or insurance purposes. The lender or underwriter will require a roof installation inspection report from a certified and/or licensed roof inspector.

There are things you can do and things you can’t do for other purposes, such as suspected hail damage after a storm. Visually inspect the roof for broken shingles and other signs of damage.

Should You Hire a Roofing to Inspect Your Roof?

Qualified inspectors are frequently on the payroll of roofing companies. The issue is that they have a financial incentive to sell you on repairs or a new roof. This creates a conflict of interest that a neutral inspector does not have.

 If you hire an inspector for a roof inspection, the inspector will not be able to comment on the roof’s insurability. They can tell you about the current condition of the certified roof inspector near me and whether or not there is any visible damage, which is a significant benefit of the inspection.

Can a Roof Inspection Predict the Life of Your Roof?

Your roof inspection will provide you with an estimate of how long your roof will last. This will be determined by the age of your roof, its current condition, and the cost of repairing any problems discovered. Of course, the exact life expectancy of your roof will be determined by uncontrollable factors such as weather, so you won’t be able to get an exact timeline.

In a roof inspection, an inspector will look for the following general categories.

Basic Information

The first step is to gather basic information about your roof. This includes things like its age, who installed it, what type of construction it is, and whether or not it is covered by a warranty. This is to assist you in documenting a potential insurance or warranty claim. It also lets the inspector know if your roof is wearing at the expected rate for a roof of that age and type.

Inside Your Residence or Attic

The inspector may also enter your home or go up into your attic. The goal is to look for signs of water leaks, such as stains on the ceiling or attic insulation. The inspector may also look for thermal leaks, such as small holes under your shingles that haven’t yet grown large enough to let water in.

Algae, moss, and lichen

They may indicate poor drainage or decay of the underlying surfaces. Even if your roof isn’t damaged in the first place, the growth of moss and lichen can eat away at it.

Algae may not be as serious, but it should still be investigated. Small stains, such as those caused by heavy rain, are usually only a cosmetic issue. Larger growths or algae that do not disappear after prolonged exposure to sunlight may indicate drainage or decay issues.

Plan a Roof Inspection

Certified roof inspector near me offers independent inspections to buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, and homeowners. Our trained professionals will provide an unbiased and comprehensive report covering every detail of your roof so that you can make an informed decision about any work that may be required. To get started, look for an inspector in your area right now.

You’ve completed the Roof Inspection, Now What?

Take some time to review your findings after you’ve completed the roof inspection using these simple tips. Did you come across any potential issues or major concerns? If this is the case, you should contact a local professional right away. Remember, a smart homeowner is one who is proactive! You can avoid major damage later on if you fix minor problems or concerns before they become disasters.

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