A Guide to Crystals-Determining the Fake Ones

A Guide to Crystals-Determining the Fake Ones

Introduction: What are crystals and why are they important

In simple form, crystals are solidified crystalline structures formed within the Earth. Because they derive their origin from Earth, they allow us to utilize the energies which are embedded in the Earth’s core. Also called gemstones, they reduce unfavourable influences, be it from a person or a situation. 

According to astrology, a person’s life can disrupte by inauspicious events and negative effects from a malefic planet. In order to cope up with the bad changes, we can advise to wear gemstones to vilify the effects, or prevent them. We know, there are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has a planet guarding it, known as the Lord planet. This Lord planet is constantly responsible for the ups and downs the person faces in life, and they have full control over the being. There are certain crystals which effectively represent the Lord planets, and thus, have a combined result on the zodiac natives. There are energies within you which prevent you from determining the right step, or unlocking your best potential.Crystal ensures that your path of success is smooth and undisturbed. In an unpredictable world, crystals help you find balance and keep calm, which in turn helps you to remain stable, no matter how hard the situation is for you. 

How to determine if a crystal is fake?

For the best results, obviously when you go out to buy a crystal, the first thing you expect is-the crystal must be real, and not from any laboratory or manufacturing unit. Unfortunately, there are more fake crystals than real ones in the market, and since they may become very identical to each other, you would not probably know which one is real unless you have a really good knowledge on the subject. There are expert ways, but you can identify it regardless of your experience using these simple rules:

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  1. Mother Nature is not an industry, it does not produce symmetrical objects. Crystals are no different. Look out for sizes which are perfectly symmetrical and have a definite pattern, because they might not be real. Too precise patterns can only create if they may design out of plastic. And, it can never become effective in your lives. 
  2. Misty spots are quite natural in crystals, but air bubbles are not. Check out for any underlying sir bubble under the surface, even if it is small, it is unnatural. There are many fake crystals, especially Quartz, which can recognize by air bubbles.
  3. Most gems, for example, turquoise, are super hard, and not at all breakable. They are numerous crystals which may dye, and given a fake name. You can easily drop a crystal and check out for cracks to identify the real ones. 

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  1. To realize if the crystal may dye, rub it with a cotton bud dipped in acetone, which quickly removes artificial colours, if any. 
  2. Crystals, like pebbles, have points at their ends. A lack of crystal points indicates they are synthetic. Most synthetic stones are likely to cut, which removes the points. Look out for those crystal points, which will help you differentiate between the real and the unreal. 
  3. Prices are a prerequisite of buying anything. Very cheap prices for crystals point out that they are not real. If a deal is so good to be true, the crystals you are buying have to be fake. You can not expect the best for free or almost free. 


A fake crystal will never give you fulfilling results, that is the reason the title ‘fake’ has been ascribed to them. If you are still having second thoughts about a crystal, consult an expert now. We-astro provided you with the best online astrological consultations at low rates, so register now.