7 ways to look stylish without spending too much

7 ways to look stylish without spending too much

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  1. Choose the right colors:

Select two or three colors for your outfits. Pastel colors are best for mornings and rich royal colors like, purple, maroon, and black will look chic for the evenings. You can also make vibrant colors look good in daylight but if you wear them daily it might get too much. Choose your attire according to your personality and the kind of work you do. Take advice from friends using a chatting app.  At some offices, there’s a strict dress code and that’s where you need to come up with ways to dress smartly without breaking any rules.

  1. Play with a variety of jewelry:

Accessories often work like magic even if your clothes are plain. You never know when you might get a call from a friend to join her for coffee but after work. Always keep a set of earrings in your bag. Simple silver earrings and even pearl tops can add to your look. If you’re going to a party and you think your outfit isn’t fancy enough, wear a chunky necklace with matching earrings and your party look will be complete. There’s no limit to the kind of jewelry you can experiment with for different occasions.

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  1. Make use of accessories:

When you think of dressing up casually or formally, also choose your accessories accordingly. While wearing sophisticated clothes, carry a bag with a neutral tone. Black, beige, and maroon usually go well with all the other colors. Also wear a watch whenever you’re out. It will make you look smart and will give people the impression that you are very particular about the time.

  1. Experiment with different textures:

If you’re looking for a funky fashionable look, stitch together pieces of different fabrics to create an outfit. A jacket made with leather and snakeskin will give you a killer look for the winter season. You could make a dress with various surfaces if you have any desire to be the work of art at a party. Go with striking tones or go with nonpartisan shades for every one of the various surfaces.

  1. Match your outfits:

You should never turn out badly with matching sets to look stylish. Wear a matching shalwar kameez, pant-suit, or skirt-shirt and you’ll instantly look fashionable. Plain colors look very sophisticated in matching sets but for a party look, you can add a splash of color. Take a bright-colored scarf, a dupatta, or a colorful coat for a funky and trendy look.

  1. Invest in good quality footwear:

Your shoes don’t have to be expensive to look good on you. You need a pair of sneakers for casual wear and a pair of heels for formal wear. If you save up a little and invest in good-quality shoes, they can last the whole year with maximum wear and tear. Use your chatting App to search for online shoe stores. At times you can get better quality stuff online and for a lower price.

  1. Focus on proportions:

Baggy trousers go well with short fitted tops, and loose-fitting t-shirts go well with skinny jeans. A loose blouse with a loose pair of pants will make you look like a balloon. Whenever you’re getting ready, just keep these few rules in mind. Wear long shirts if you’re short and dumpy. Wear a slightly shorter kameez if you’re tall and skinny.

When you want to dress up for a special occasion but feel confused, call up a friend with good fashion sense, using your chatting app. Ask her how you look, how you should do your hair and make-up etc. People with a strong fashion sense usually love giving free fashion tips. Whether you’re rich or not, makes little difference but your figure and posture make a huge difference.

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