6 Vital Steps To Get A Smooth Shaving Experience For Men

6 Vital Steps To Get A Smooth Shaving Experience For Men

The best Smooth Shaving routines are often the outcome of a few quality shaving products for men, such as shaving cream or gel or foam, a shaving brush, a razor and an aftershave balm or lotion. Here are the six steps to help you get a smooth shaving experience.

#1. Cleanse Your Face

It is vital to prepare your skin and facial hair before a shave. Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse your skin from dirt and make your skin smooth. Use mild warm water to cleanse the skin and open up the pores. It will release any trapped dirt and make the shaving process easy. For instance, you can use Anthony’s Algae Facial Cleanser as it is tender on the skin. It contains Algae, Lavender and Aloe Vera to help moisturise, soothe and nourish the skin before a shave.

#2. Apply Pre-Shave Oil

It is worth putting your one or two minutes to apply a pre-shave oil as it can raise your grooming experience to the next level. Pre-shave oil helps eliminate common problems like skin irritation or razor burn. Pre-shave oils nourish and protects your skin and soften your facial hair, and help your razor glide seamlessly over your face. Massage a few drops of the pre-shaving oil into your facial hair and leave for 40 seconds before starting with your shaving cream to lather up. Imperial’s pre-shave oil works flawlessly to soften your facial hair and guards the skin against nasty razor burns or redness.

#3. Use a Shaving Cream to Lather-Up

Typically, Shaving Products such as creams are widely in-use for shaving routines. Dry shaving is not very comfortable and isn’t preferred by many as it leads to razor burns, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs. That’s why it is important to lather up with a good quality shaving cream before removing your facial hair. A quality shaving cream will lower friction between the razor and your facial hair, offering an easy glide of the razor. Additionally, it will curtail the chances of skin irritation, nicks, cuts and razor burn. Make the bristles of your shaving brush wet using warm water and add a small lump of shaving cream, and with circular motion, create the lather over your chin, cheeks and neck.

#4. Commence Shaving

Now using your razor, you can comfortably shave and reap the benefits of before shave prep. For a smooth shaving experience, you should not shave against the grain. Apply lighter touch with tender strokes and be careful not to put excessive force behind the razor, as your blades might get damaged and would require replacing. Excess pressure will make the skin’s surface uneven, making it harder to obtain a seamless shave. And make it a habit to rinse your razor after every stroke, as it will help the blades to maintain sharpness and protect you from razor burn or skin irritation.

#5. Use a Post-Shave Balm

Shaving Products can be an unpleasant experience for the skin, leaving it feeling dry and raw. Thus, it is vital to care for it with a post-shave balm. Aftershave balm for men can help repair, moisturise, and soothe the skin and help you start your day on a fresh note. Baxter of California aftershave balm contains a mix of natural healing ingredients, including cooling menthol and tea tree oil, to help soothe and guard the skin post-shave.

#6. Properly Store The Razor After Use

Once you finish Shaving Products, don’t just leave the wet razor blades on the counter or in a draw. This careless habit of yours can rust the blades or lead to an infection when you shave with it again. So what you must do is pat your razors dry after every shave, then store them in a dry place. Additionally, use a proper razor holder to preserve your razor.

There you are! The six vital shaving tips for getting a smooth shaving experience with Shaving Products.