6 Tricks to Earn Money from Fantasy Cricket Games

6 Tricks to Earn Money from Fantasy Cricket Games

If you’re a cricket fanatic, there may come a time when you’ve fantasised about competing yourself. Don’t just spectate and cheer! Today’s article reveals six ways you can earn money from fantasy cricket games and remain in your comfort zone, knowing fully well that T20 & ODIs can give you the means to earn real money.

 But you can compete with your friends against one another in prize money. If you are just starting, it’s a good idea to learn six tricks that help you earn money through these competitions.

One of the few profitable games in a country where cricket is practically a religion is Fantasy Cricket. Instead of winning money by how well your players play, you win money depending on how well “YOU” pick your team. 

It pits your talents against fellow gamers in competitive analysis and decision making when you create a team of 11 players on your own. But if you start with success, you’ll earn points based on how well your real player is doing.

While there is a wide range of Fantasy Cricket games available for players, earning real money in these games doesn’t happen by accident. To make some serious cash, you need to practise hard, develop your playing technique, and find the right balance. 

This article shares six practical tricks to earn money from fantasy cricket games without putting in much effort

Use the basics to get things done

With access to plenty of fantasy cricket games online, you can make a lot of money by understanding the fundamental principles and focusing on its many applications. Once you are one step ahead of your rivals, you will find it easier to win more money since your earnings will be patently superior.

Choose the top Fantasy Cricket App

A few apps that are not as reliable as they should often force players for in-app purchases and do not payouts as advertised have been doing rounds on the internet. You should search for more reviews related to fake fantasy cricket apps to know about them. Since it is important to keep your playing style intact, there is a lack of consistency among players. It can destabilise winning game plans.

Be aware of changing your team before the competition begins, as the toss doesn’t happen for most Fantasy CRICKET games. To predict players and have a better chance of winning, watch the results of previous matches. And, it makes your team changes accordingly after knowing who the best player is. In Fantasy Cricket games, the captains often lead the opening bowlers and batsmen with a selective choice who contains their skillset. However, it ensures that opponents can’t easily predict your approach. They have one or two constant players who will lead their position regardless of which battle you are up against.

Play games that award money

Use money-based tournaments or leagues to increase your chances of winning a big payout. Maintain a strong team balance to increase your chances of victory and back up your squad with strong players if they don’t perform as expected. Select a captain and vice-captain who can increase your chances of winning tournaments or leagues.

Get involved in various contests

Many new players in this fantasy cricket game are very disappointed when they try their best to enter their first contest, only for their competing team to draw the match. However, new players can guarantee fair performance by entering small-scale contests with enough research. You shouldn’t rush in to enter a major event with over 10,000 participants. So, you don’t have anything else going on that day. A proposed alternative is for you to enter contests with less than ten people so that your winning chances are high.

Always choose your star players

Choosing your captain and vice-captains is crucial. A regular player receives 2x points if chosen as captain of a match, whereas the vice-captain gets a 1.5x point boost. Before taking a risk on getting star players, be sure to look at their previous performances. Additionally, choose players who satisfy certain criteria and are manageable in the game’s early stages. 

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Earn money by referring others

Fantasy cricket is a fun, addictive game that allows people to compete with others or compete against the computer. Tricks to earn Money from Fantasy Cricket Games provides you with a way for getting cash for playing a few rounds each day. It earns on both sides of the bet in the process. Unlike other fantasy sports games, Fantasy Games lets you use your referral code to join and start playing right away! With a feature-filled application, there’s no need for free trial money if you’re looking to play. Additionally, it offers a sweet refund policy if you aren’t satisfied with the game!


Tap into the online world of Fantasy Cricket with AIO Games and take your experience to the next level. It enters lots of leagues and earning real money. The AIO Games application is a fun, simple, and rewarding way for you to play fantasy cricket on Android & iOS devices. You can win real cash if you create a winning team on our structured scoring system. Take the time to download the AIO Games app and start with fantasy cricket. 

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