5 Free Websites To Cartoonize People’s Face For Fun

5 Free Websites To Cartoonize People’s Face For Fun

Cartoonizing your pictures for fun gives you a different aura once you use it as your social media profile. You can Cartoonize a face without acquiring too technical skills. The top five free websites you can use to create a cartoon avatar out of your picture are listed below.

All you have to do is upload your desired photo to cartoonize and let the website do the work for you.


First on the list is the Imagetocartoon. This website is considered one of the best cartoonizers on the internet you can use for free. This website creates a cartoonize version of your photo in less than five seconds. Yes, there may be a variety of picture cartoonizers in the market. But there is no software that combines speed and customization like it. Using imagetocartoon, you can get over 15 cartoonized images for sharing and displaying. Turning photo into cartoon is 100% free and secure. If you want to make your selfies more attractive, try this app.

How to Create Cartoon Avatar by Imagetocartoon

  •  Visit the website here: imagetocartoon.com
  •  On the homepage, you will see a pop-up box.
  •  Click the “Upload an Image” and select the photo you want to cartoonize.
  •  Wait for a few seconds as the website processes your picture.
  •  Once finished, click SAVE.

Key Features

  •  Background remover
  •  Photo effects
  •  Crop photo
  •  Resize image

Now imagetocartoon is available on app store and google play. If you like to enjoy its face cartooning service on your phone, it is the right time to download the mobile app now.


SP-Studio could be one of the oldest online tools designed to cartoon yourself. Despite being a two-decade-old tool, this website continues to release new updates. This website will help you create a cartoon photo of yourself that looks like a celebrity or your friend.

How to Create Cartoon Avatar by SP-Studio

  •  Visit sp-studio.de and upload your photo. Click the character and select your desired color.
  •  Check out the category icons to select more items to add to your photo. This allows you to customize photo backgrounds, hairstyles, clothes, etc.
  •  Wait for the tool to process your changes and save them.

Key Features

  •  More skin colors are available
  •  More than 40 hair colors
  •  Customizable background
  •  New character creator


Picsart is one of the popular platforms designed to turn an image to cartoon avatar. Beyond that, it is also equipped with advanced design and video-editing tools. The good thing about this premium photo editing tool is that you can use it for free.

How to Create Cartoon Avatar by Picsart

  •  Visit the Picsart website on your mobile device. Upload your picture to cartoonize.
  •  Hence, Select EFFECTS and MAGIC to access different cartoon filters
  •  Once you are satisfied with the results, click Share or Download.

Key Features

  •  Collage maker
  •  Photo filters and effects
  •  Drawing tool
  •  Sticker maker


Anymaking is another free online editing tool where you can cartoonize your favorite photos. Thus, This is excellent software to create fun and artistic cartoon images to send to your friends. So, You need to upload a photo, wait for a few seconds, and save it.

How to Create a Cartoon Avatar by Anymaking

  •  Visit anymaking.com
  •  Upload your favorite photo from your device
  •  Moreover, Select a cartoon effect and click ENTER
  •  Wait for a few seconds until the process has finished.
  •  Save or download your cartoonized picture.

Key Features

  •  Tons of cartooning effects
  •  Add photos
  •  Photo reflection
  •  Resize image
  •  Photo filters


As its name suggests, this online tool is designed to help you convert your pictures into a fun cartoon avatar. So, It comes with lots of cartoon effects and other customization options to create a unique cartoon avatar of yourself.

How to Create a Cartoon Avatar by Befunky

  •  Select a photo you want to cartoonize
  •  Go to the Effects tab and select what cartoon effect you like
  •  Wait for the tool to process your photo
  •  Save your cartoonized image and share it with your friends!

Key Features

  •  Photo enhancer
  •  Resize image
  •  Crop photo
  •  Add photo frames
  •  Blur image

Tips To Choose The Best Cartoon Avatar Maker

When choosing a cartoon avatar maker, here are some tips you may want to consider:

  •  Ease of use
  •  Number of editing features
  •  Photo quality
  •  Budget
  •  Number of available cartoon effects

Is Online Photo Cartoonizer Safe for Usage?

When using an online tool or software, the number one concern of many is their safety. So, All the cartoon avatar makers mentioned above prioritize their user’s safety. Thus, you can rest assured that anything you upload to these websites will be deleted right after saving or downloading your cartoonized pictures.

Final Thoughts

Creating a cartoon avatar of yourself is cool and exciting. So, There are lots of things you can use in your cartoonized photos. Thus, it may such as using them as your profile picture or sending them to your loved ones to make them happy.

If you search for a good cartoon avatar maker online, look no further than imagetocartoon. This software offers premium editing features to make a more customized cartoon avatar.

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